Singing Lessons – Concone 50 No. 1

Discover all about Singing Lessons – Concone 50 No. 1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons – Concone 50 No. 1.

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This series of music videos has been made from me as a help for beginner and advanced vocal students to practice at home. In any case, all students must study and be prepared methodically from an expert vocal teacher, in order to gradually develop and master their vocal instrument in a safe, natural way.

These fundamental music pieces intend to introduce the promising vocal student to major technical and music aspects, such as proper breath management and pure legato line in our phrases, mastering voice dynamics range (e.g. forte, piano, performing a crescendo followed by a diminuendo etc.), skill and beauty of tone (bel canto), singing ‘on breath’ (canto sul fiato), etc., and simultaneously cultivate the singer’s music taste and this music period’s aesthetics and style.

Concone 50 Lessons, op.9 ~ Along with the piano accompaniment in the tempo given, try to sing the vocal line (sol clef) with your fully supported singing voice (it is real singing, not only solfeggio reading!), at first by using the notes’ names e.g. DOOOO-REEEE-MIII-FA-SOL,…, and later you can sing them also by using the vowel ‘A’, e.g. AAAA-AAAA-AAA-A-A, or the syllable ‘MA’ etc. Pay attention in emitting each tone with equality, purity, intensity of voice, and preciseness of intonation. The real purpose of these lessons is to place and fix the voice accurately, and to develop ‘taste’ while singing broad, elegant, and rythmical melodies.

It is crucial for a singer to study and master the Concone and Vaccai methods of Singing -along with other methods as well (Panofka etc.)- before entering into the wonderful and diverse vocal repertoire (lieder, oratoria, opera arias, musical theatre, vocal jazz, middle eastern, folk music, rock, modern pop etc.). These methods (along with suitable vocal exercises as well) are useful for us to practice and maintain vocal health and stamina even during and throughout our career!.

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8 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Concone 50 No. 1

  1. ILPelideAchille says:

    dear Mminoas thank you very much for this excellent and helpful

  2. Rochelle Arch-Hayostek says:

    Are these video’s available for high voice?

  3. Caquetio76 says:

    Thanks for the lesson, I,m begining studing ´with concone´s method and I
    need the sound. Keep uploadind more Lessons please. greetings from

  4. Nguyễn Đình Quyền says:

    Cam on rất nhìu

  5. Tanner Massey says:

    We sing the hymns and settings for the week, after which during Communion, we sing one or two anthems.

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