Singing Lessons #3 Introduction On Scales And Its Basic Types | Scale kya hai | Scale kaise Banaye

Discover all about Singing Lessons #3 Introduction On Scales And Its Basic Types | Scale kya hai | Scale kaise Banaye by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons #3 Introduction On Scales And Its Basic Types | Scale kya hai | Scale kaise Banaye.

Learn the name of scales and importance of scales in music.
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44 thoughts on “Singing Lessons #3 Introduction On Scales And Its Basic Types | Scale kya hai | Scale kaise Banaye

  1. Musical Pranav aadhya says:

    सर म्यूजिक में 12 स्केल्स ही होते हैं लेकिन उनमें अलग अलग कोड्स होते हैं वो कैसे समझा जाए और क्या जिस नॉट से गाना शुरू होता हैं वही नॉट उस सांग का स्केल होता हैं me plz I’m a singing student

  2. Rock world says:

    can u plz make a video type of music genres .. kaise pata chalta hai rock music kon sa hai pop kon sa hai hiphop kon sa hai or aise music kaise bante hai

  3. Dhriti Pal says:

    but when major when and minor is used..???

  4. Mohammedshukur Shaikh says:

    Dear brother I am really happy to find your musical lecture.I have interest in singing.Please keep continue this lecture.Thank you for your lecture

  5. Sagar Sunuwar says:

    Thanks brother , it’s really useable,,,

  6. Lalita Karki says:

    sir in short scale means ham konse scale me gaate h hame as a starter ye knowledge honi chiye na ????sir kya apka bolne ka mtlab ye tha is video ke through??

    1. Paarth Singh says:

      Lalita Karki sare scales ki knowledge hoti chaiye.

  7. Lalita Karki says:

    hame apne scale ko khese pechna h

  8. Lalita Karki says:

    sir apne ek app btaya th tanpura droid Sir ye app kis kaam aaata h is kya benefits honge plz tell sir

    1. Paarth Singh says:

      Lalita Karki a app which produce sound of tanpura

  9. Mosheur Rahman says:

    aren’t these chords? I’m confused

  10. Raj Patel says:

    sir lekin hum koi song gana chahte he to to konsi scal me gaay
    matalab ki kese C mejar ko gaye……??

  11. chandu nayak says:

    bhai skype main contact karna chahta hun

  12. Amit Gaikwad says:

    mujhe samjh nhi ay scale ka . humne to 1 chord bajai bus pura gana us chord per thodi gynge

  13. Himanshu Lal says:

    sir, apna scale kaise pata karen

  14. Shivaram Mahapatra says:

    Awesome training.. Thanks a lot Sir…

  15. sargam melodies says:

    Ye shaam mastani. & Mere sapno ki rani ki scale….?~???

  16. KHAN MUSICS says:

    Maine ek naya khudka gana likha hai or tune bhi ready hai to iska chord kaise pakarna hai? Can you help me to solve this problem?

  17. Moiz Ahmad says:

    Bhaii.. Lekin .. ChoRds oR scale me kYa farq h … wO to btaya i ni apnY ??..
    meanS … soNg k scaLe me kuCh choRds hoty hn .. but phir b ye scale kya h??????

  18. Sukhi Bajwa says:

    sir akele scale rakh kar b gaa skte hai ham? sirf scale rkh kr plY krna ho

  19. let's sing singing says:

    How I determine what is my scale

  20. Sab chord ki mushkil ek video mein khatm ho gaya

  21. Waris Bashir says:

    Sir pata kaise chale kis scale mai gana hai

  22. shailesh puthran says:

    bhai I thought this things I won’t be able to learn without joining class..But you proved it wrong.and it’s not tough as it looks..I really appreciate the way you are making it look easy and interesting for beginners like me. Thank you bro 🙂

  23. Mateen Mateen says:

    thank u sir sir meujy ye batey koi mujsy ye puchy k a me gao to sir kese gai

  24. Rittik Kumar Jha says:

    sir koi gana chal rha hai to kese pata kare ki uski scale kya hai har gaanaa ka

  25. RJ HAMENT says:

    Scale pta hai but bhaiya usse yaad kaise kree–Sharp or flat dono ko yaad kaise kre trick idea pls

  26. Vikash Kumar says:

    Jo ap button ko c major btaye h akhir usi ko C major q bolte h dusre ko q nhi bol sakte plz tell

  27. Er Bhaskar says:

    Bahot hi Achha trik bataya aapne…
    Thank you so much.


  28. Kunti Sharma says:

    please help!!!🙏 what kind of riyaaz is necessary in beginning…..and how to do the same…

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