Singing Lesson w/Captain Luke: How to Sing Bass

Discover all about Singing Lesson w/Captain Luke: How to Sing Bass by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson w/Captain Luke: How to Sing Bass.

Music Maker Artist Captain Luke shows us how to sing bass, or “real deep” from the comfort of his own kitchen
video by Tom Ciaburri

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42 thoughts on “Singing Lesson w/Captain Luke: How to Sing Bass

  1. Diesel Eddie says:

    Man that´s cool, you know how to sing right! Keep it up! //Eddie 15 years
    old from sweden!

  2. lmfao, i came for tips and found cheats!

  3. Lennonhinds says:

    very nice voice i have a deep voice too

  4. Jaco Pastorius says:

    How can I get lips like that?

  5. fiftymerc sled says:

    captain luke- you cudda been a Chamber Brother. love yer stuff

  6. Step Three: (Puffs cigar) Get yo’self a gi’tar player, en start singin’
    (guitar player spontaneouslly generates in corner) This is the greatest
    thing I’ve seen in a week.

  7. i can do the pumpkin but what do you suggest for people with asthma ? :L

  8. Hi Captain, a question sir: I work very early, so I don’t have time to
    smoke a whole cherry cig in the morning, Do u know if the pumpkin
    pudding/cig combo will still have the same effect if I eat/smoke it in late
    afternoon or evening?

  9. giantkiller56 says:

    I wanna be half as cool as this dude when I’m his age. Or half his age.

  10. Justin Blacksher says:

    I could listen to this guy sing all damn day. Just sayin

  11. hollisterocksxx says:

    MAN I can hear the deepness when you speak HAHA, and is it weird that i’m a
    girl watching this to become a contralto (deepest female)

  12. You could be my tutor in an instant!, haha.

  13. Retroneers says:

    capitain luke, you’re a regular badass.

  14. Gabriel Atkin says:

    i want to be like him…..he is epic

  15. Captain’s hilarious, everything he says is solid gold. Like the singing
    too. As a fellow bass I forget that it’s a bit unique — keeps ya singing.
    Thanks Captain Luke.

  16. Misterunnamed says:

    Hmm, maybe add another step in there; Drink your whiskey straight.

  17. alejandro esteban diaz conias says:

    light your cigarrette, and sing very low while you fight cancer.

  18. Music Maker Relief Foundation says:

    He has a couple of CDs available on our webstore at shop (dot) musicmaker
    (dot) org

  19. liam walker says:

    if you put stress on your voice with a chest cold that can work real well

  20. That cap’n is so deep there’s fishes in the bottom of the ocean just a
    clickin they fins. I maybe could train my voice deep… but what I’ll
    never know is how he makes that deep bass jus drip like honey : )

    This captain is seven different kinds of special :D

  21. Jasch Krühnge says:

    I love this. Is this Chong?

  22. Kyle Bean says:

    Directions too confusing. Got cigar stuck in my Larynx 

  23. Black Bird says:

    Smoking makes your voice WEAKER!

  24. js_greene says:

    instruction not clear. dick stuck in cigar.

  25. Cuteka Promise says:

    The heck sir im 13 years old i cant smoke cigar my parents would probably
    kill me if i smoke haha im a huge fan oh yours

  26. Shalom Matthews says:

    BRO I can sing a “Mezzo Soprano” “Tenor” “Bass” and “Falsetto” and im a 11

  27. DJ Khaled says:

    Lmao was this guy Doc from Everybody Hates Chris????

  28. Nishant Serrao says:

    I don’t know if I liked the video for ur voice or the funny advice u had to

  29. Freddy's CosplayCrew says:

    dislike because of smoking BAAAAADDDD

  30. Although we would say that these people have a bad voice or are fundamentally a bad singer, this isn’t a permanent trait – it’s simply that they haven’t yet learned to sing in tune.

  31. When singing for long periods of time, it is worth taking a sip of honey cough medicine, or sucking on a sweet cough drop.

  32. Jack Lucero says:

    Perhaps your baby isn’t ready to participate yet, or it could be that the song isn’t familiar enough yet to your baby.

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