5 thoughts on “Singing lesson – Voice Exercise (For Beginners)

  1. Tope Opedun says:

    Hi Paul I sent you a message on your website but i am still waiting for a
    feedback ,anyway keep doing what you are doing sir ,I think your one of the
    best voice trainers i have seen on youtube.

  2. 2012zzman says:

    Just starting to learn about the soft palette This is awesome ….

  3. Damian Carey says:

    There are many benefits to having singing lessons aside from the sheer enjoyment you will get from learning.

  4. Gabriela Yu says:

    My favourite joke was the section was when Dick Whittington – played by Shane Richie from the BBC soap opera Eastenders – referred to the names of Eastenders’ characters in the script, showing their faces so we might understand the joke.

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