Singing Lesson – The BEST singing tip in the WORLD!!

Discover all about Singing Lesson – The BEST singing tip in the WORLD!! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson – The BEST singing tip in the WORLD!!.

Singing lesson that’s BETTER than ANY singing tip on YOUTUBE to date! A bold claim right? Check it out! If you want a REAL singing lesson, this is the best lesson you can learn. Singing lessons would be incomplete with out a lesson on self acceptance. Singing lessons can be enjoyable if this time tested principle is applied. This Principle also applies outside of singing lessons, there are so many life applications. BE YOURSELF, and LOVE your self. This should be the foundation to EVERY singing lesson

23 thoughts on “Singing Lesson – The BEST singing tip in the WORLD!!

  1. Amazing amazing vocal lessons man. Your videos have helped a ton!

  2. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    Thanks bro! Glad they were helpful! Remember to Like my Facebook page:
    PaulMcKayOneVoice follow me on Twitter: OneVoicePaulMc

  3. Ben Pratt says:

    You the BEST PAUL!!! Thanks so much for all your help : )

  4. Ben Pratt says:

    I wish I could sing like you though hahaha : )

  5. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    That’s Right Sierra! but remember to challenge yourself at the same time
    Like me on Facebook: PaulMcKayONEvoice

  6. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    It’s a tough lesson bro!

  7. marian marrero says:

    totally right! i never try to be like anyone but i do try to improve my
    range to sound better.

  8. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    no waayy! Baritones and basses are AWESOME!… they should “Be [themselves]

  9. Music4ever0297 says:

    Hey sorry, quick question : Do you know how I should in a sense ‘unblock my
    voice’. I can sing in tune and my range is ok..ish. But when I sing the
    words not just la’s or oo’s it sounds all muffled and unclear but in tune.
    I dont know how to describe it and don’t worry if you cant help. Thanks
    anyway 🙂

  10. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    Add me on Skype and we’ll do a conslutation. onevoice.musicacademy

  11. Phil Moufarrege says:

    Words of wisdom. I think everyone has the potential to be incredible. It is
    just a matter of using the correct principles and methods to chip away and
    reveal the inner gemstone over time and distance.

  12. PaulMckayONEvoice says:

    You’re right Phil! Thanks for your comment!

  13. Phil Moufarrege says:

    My pleasure, thanks for the videos!

  14. Brenda Appiah says:

    Hi Paul

    Your videos are absolutely awesome how do I get lessons?

  15. +PaulMckayONEvoice Hi, I just inboxed you.

  16. Jamie Alonge says:

    Great tip Paul! I subscribed along time ago knowing that you had the
    coaching I needed to take things to the next level (mainly regarding riffs
    and run). Coming from a rock/folk background, that wasn’t my strong suit.
    But now I’m finding that I’ve always been a soul singer, now more than
    ever. So it’s time to learn your secrets to riffs and run. I’ll be watching
    and practicing all of your videos now! Very excited to get started.

  17. Arlinda Glenn says:

    I love what you had to say here Paul. So simple, true and genuine for
    someone with your obvious experience and knowledge.

  18. Mostly, these consist of audio, video and software program that allow you to proceed with your singing classes at your personal pace, with out having to go away your house.

  19. Patience is the most important high quality that an aspiring singer must imbibe in himself.

  20. It is the perfect tune for a lazy night I spend making an attempt reminiscing about days passed by. The big influence of the surf culture on Jack’s life makes it simple for us to visualise it via his songs.

  21. This inspiring article deals with find out how to train singing by yourself without the help of a instructor and without attending any singing lessons assuming you might have sufficient passion to pursue this.

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