Singing Lesson + Noisy Neighbours At 2am!

Discover all about Singing Lesson + Noisy Neighbours At 2am! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson + Noisy Neighbours At 2am!.


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41 thoughts on “Singing Lesson + Noisy Neighbours At 2am!

  1. Hi Gabby, first I don’t know about the UK but in Germany you can complain
    about noise during the week after 10pm. At the weekends it’s later but
    still you can. I have really noisy neighbours so eventually I tried
    earplugs. You get used to them soon, I’d never had thought so myself. Don’t
    let them disturb you (sounds like roadworks to me though) xxx

  2. Isobel Pearson says:

    Love your vlogs gabbieeee😆💜

  3. amelia greene says:

    Hate school I am in yr7 and hate it

  4. Floral Emily says:

    That noise sounds like snoring (my dad snores
    like that Ik it’s loud )

  5. Brianna Yeomans says:

    You’re mum is so precious 🙈

  6. owen richardson says:

    +Gabriella Lindley. Do you live near train tracks? Because I do and I
    always hear that noise at least twice a month. Turns out they are doing
    something on the tracks. ☺️✌️

  7. Julie Cross says:

    If it’s after 11pm and it’s disturbing the piece you can report it. I don’t
    999 though.

  8. ahaha ” i did not fart, was just the stairs ” ahah love that!

  9. Zoe Davies says:

    you and your mum are so cute ahhhh! xo

  10. Kitten WolfHeart says:

    Don’t know how it is in other places (I live in Sweden) but I’ve dealt with
    some really noisy neighbors of all kinds and there should be a certain
    number you can call, like at nights etc. But I’ve always called my landlord
    being pretty much like “I pay to live here and should be able to
    relax/sleep in my own home. Do something.” putting my sassy face on haha.
    Hope it works out!

  11. Ida Öwrin says:

    I wake up sometimes from dreams when I’m eating when miming eating food and
    it’s so disappointing bc i love food

  12. Stephanie B says:

    not gonna lie to ya gabz.. your mom driving on the wrong side of the road
    and hearing the roar of the european engine and the sight of the buildings
    flying past through the car windows gives me a legit MARE. hahaha.

  13. Hanna Dunse says:

    You should find a number to phone and complain about the noise, I know if
    it’s persistent, they can put a noise control thing in your house for you
    to click on when the noise starts and click on when it finishes. It records
    times and dates, so they know if it’s a real complaint or not. I know
    someone who had to do it because of a cockrol at all times of the night and
    day! It got taken away to a rural part of the country ☺️

  14. Galaxy Refugee says:

    Gabbie! i have two tickets to Troye’s London show on Tuesday that i am
    trying to sell because i cannot go because of work, message me if you’re
    interested xx

  15. Emily /emawee says:

    why dont you use your phone?

  16. I set my alarm tone as my ringtone and I remember in my dream I thought
    “who is calling me now!” and then I woke up to my alarm.

  17. Louise Alexia says:

    U can gabby but instead of 999 ring 101 because 101 means un emergency
    police ps I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ u loads

  18. JustEmily says:

    Once I had a dream that I was in my bed but I was outside in a magical land
    then I woke up outside because I had slept walk 😂😂

  19. SaraHeymans says:

    I had a dream that one of my teeth crumbled, and that there wasn’t room for
    all my teeth in my mouth. My teeth where hurting the whole day after that.
    It was weird 😳

  20. Libby Earl says:

    I love Troye, he’s on my ‘list of people I want to see live’ as well as
    Ariana Grande who is Queent.

  21. Rebecca Miller says:

    I have never had a singing lesson in my life and apparently when I sing it
    isn’t that bad but I can hear it is not the correct note but I don’t really
    know how to get my voice to hit the notes. I have no idea if that makes any
    sense?! Anyway, I was wondering if you thought it was worth going for a few
    lessons just to see what happens because I have always wanted to be able to
    sing well enough to not be embarrassed in front of friends. Or is it
    possible that some people just can’t get their voice to hit the notes? I
    have no idea, so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks :)

  22. Katherine Chapailo says:

    I’m just casually binge watching your vlogs 😊😂

  23. Lara Hopkins says:

    the loud drilling noise is cross rail I think I have it at my house as well

  24. Don’t know how close you live to Euston but they are doing overnight works
    on the train line near Camden so perhaps that’s the noise.

  25. Niamh Seren says:

    I love school I’m just never well enough to go. The school in the hospital
    is bad. I just teach myself now. I read lots of articles

  26. billiemichellee says:

    If you live near a railway line it could possibly be the council doing
    routine checkups/fixes on it? They do it late at night when the railway
    isn’t in use

  27. Olivia Jackson says:

    I have noisy neighbours aswell lol xxx

  28. Johanna Piiber says:

    I dreamt that I got shot in the leg and I woke up with stinging pain in the
    same spot where I got shot

  29. Ellie Goss says:

    I had a weird dream once… I was with Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom and
    I was shot in the head. I woke up with the worst headache and painkillers
    wouldn’t get rid of it 😂 it was horrible but since then I haven’t had one
    like it 😂😂 xoxo

  30. Lauren Pudwell says:

    i would definitely complain about that noise!!

  31. AineHannah Thompson says:

    I suggest you phone the police with a noice complaint, I agree kids and
    Adults have school and work. They should do the work during the day when
    everyone is out.

  32. Hollyella and miazella Vlogging says:

    Gabby how do we try and win a lip kit from u kylies

  33. Jena Josling says:

    Once in my dream I got bitten by a crocodile on my foot and woke up with a
    sore foot

  34. Leanne Findler says:

    you can get an app called the noise app, you can record the noise and it
    will automatically be sent to your local authorities and they will deal
    with it 🙂 x

  35. Millie-Faith Xoxo says:

    Okk so today (all day) I’m binge watching all of Gabbies videos and so Far
    I have watched 120* inc. collars on other peoples channels

  36. Angelica Welch says:

    Includes ten songs which are presented on the second audio CD in performance and accompaniment versions.

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