9 thoughts on “Singing Lesson-My 8 Year Voice Progress Part 1

  1. RachedHayek says:

    Thanks 🙂 Yeah sure I will make those videos soon.

  2. Ranger Trekker says:

    I expected a terrible (before) to good (after) story. But, the problem is
    … you never had a problem. The first recording was very good. So, you
    must have had some natural skill and/or prior practice over time.

  3. It Aint Hard to Tell says:

    ok bro you definitely sound a million times better, 8 years ago you were
    off pitch quite a lot but you definitely sound a LOT better now, you killed
    the santana song (one of my favs)

  4. monkeyfriend says:

    Freaking epic video. Been looking for this type of video everywhere. You
    are an inspiration. I have recently began seriously practicing singing for
    the past month. Only then, by sticking to it, have I began to get better. I
    actually am starting to like the sound and tonality of my voice. Love your
    videos. We have the same taste in music. I was born 1980…..

  5. Wow, you came a long way!!!! Your voice previously was decent but your
    voice now is great!!! Are there any references that you can help me out

  6. Laney Schmit says:

    this is unbelievable. you’re amazing!!

  7. Cami Peterson says:

    Beautiful! How long were you practicing before your vibrato just came out

  8. xFade P.S. says:

    how long did you practice each day?

  9. Attending live concerts is of course another great way to both learn the songs and also support the artists who created them!

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