Singing Lesson – How to Sing Like Usher…Part One

Discover all about Singing Lesson – How to Sing Like Usher…Part One by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson – How to Sing Like Usher…Part One.

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If you love Usher and you want to figure out how he pulls off some of his trademark licks, trills and runs, then keep watching.

Nashville-based voice coach Dave Brooks guides you through one of the trickier licks from “Without You” and shows you how to break it down, master it piece-by-piece and then take those ideas and use them in virtually any song.

19 thoughts on “Singing Lesson – How to Sing Like Usher…Part One

  1. Michael Arias says:

    PLease look at my viedeos and Say me on what am i bad

  2. wildcataosw says:

    Hey Dave, this is awesome. I’m trying to purchase it, but the site doesn’t
    seem to be working as intended yet.

  3. wildcataosw says:

    @wildcataosw Okay, now it’s working. Nice! I’m also very happy with the
    pricing – that it’s not priced so unreasonably high like some other vocal
    teaching services.

  4. BenFalkenstein says:

    Wow! Thats intimidating. Great vid though. Best on the web.

  5. love this, but going up an octave is not a key change. Same key the entire

  6. his videos needs so much more views…damn..

  7. Jack Montoya says:

    he corrects him self and says “oh i’m sorry the octave change”

  8. thevocalteacher says:

    Sorry about the characterization. It’s not a key change, it’s a note change.

  9. John Patty says:

    Did you sing in head voice during 2:40 ? Or was that falsetto ?

  10. Singing also encourages you to strive to improve your well being by enhancing your awareness of your body.

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