Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!

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In this singing lesson, you’ll learn how to expand your range and learn how to sing higher.

40 thoughts on “Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!

  1. AngryFatGirl2k12 says:

    You’re Adam Lambert, you should able to smoke these exercises.

  2. I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t :((((( huhuhuhahaha I just keep on
    laughing haha

  3. Contessa Dent says:

    Thank you this has helped so much

  4. Kieran Topping says:

    I love that last minor mode chord progression haha

  5. wertypopcody says:

    I’m 13 and have a light voice lol. I got the warm up prefect

  6. Ceiling Ninja says:

    Your a wonderful teacher, thank you..

  7. ChrisFotosMusic says:

    I have to comment every time I use these. Best singing lessons ever. Almost
    as the real thing.

  8. Matthiasknorke says:

    Dude i really like your lessons but at 7.30 you smile like you would
    actually listen to my pathetic attempts to sing 😉

  9. aike joseph says:

    wow its so nice to find a free lessons here to achieve the high notes

  10. HaKuMei22 says:

    i have been practicing with your videos for more than 6 months now and i
    tell you sir. its has been such a huugee part of my singing experience .. i
    hear my family friends used to tell me to just give up singing. but lately
    they have been telling me that my voice got waay more better and i sound
    really good now and i feel so happy thanks to you. 😀

  11. SuperOrangebird says:

    did you practice these everyday? I’ve started the excercises but i sound
    strained and horridle as i get higher :/

  12. Melissa Ann says:

    I have been doing this daily and it is really helping. Thank you! 🙂

  13. TheNameister says:

    These singing lessons are amazing, and you explain things very well!! On
    your first video ‘interactive videos part 1 of 4’. You said you would
    recommend doing these lessons once a day, the thing I want to ask is that
    would it be okay for me to do twice a day, as doing ‘interactive videos
    part 1,2,3,4, high notes and vibrato’ in the morning and the same again at
    night. Would you think it’s a good idea?

  14. KwazeeKeef says:

    Should we go into falsetto when doing these exercise, or just stop?

  15. Valentina Henriquez says:

    Is it normal that I sound very good even the highest notes, but with the
    last ones I sound like a troll dying, so horrible and I can’t even help it?

  16. steven gao says:

    I would say no falsetto. He actually has a separate lesson (on purchase)
    for that

  17. Uttam Mandal says:

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    my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (search
    in Google). It’s bad but I wish I was pleased for him but I want such a
    beautiful lady to fall for me. I am totally green with envy. Does that mean
    I’m a horrible human being?

  18. iDreamTooMuch x says:

    This video is awesome. I had a lot of trouble doing it because I kept
    straining my voice and neck, but now i am doing much better thanks to you.

  19. Mordecai v1 says:

    it means you are a faggot spammer.

  20. Shayne Lawson says:

    Amazing tips in this video! Thanks for the tutorial

  21. Bob Jones says:

    Ok so this helped me hit high notes easier with a lot less strain but I
    don’t have as much power in the high notes and my tone isn’t as great can
    someone tell me what I’m doing wrong 

  22. Justin Johnson says:

    Do you use your ‘head voice” during singing when recording or anything? I
    always just thought my vocal range stopped where my chest voice reached its
    limit. just confused

  23. CroinBoi4life says:

    -_- I can see you laughing during the 1st lesson.
    Bet you were imagining how we all sounded

    Dear God I sounded horrible during that lesson haha

  24. WaffleShadows says:

    My last name is Gault so it sounded really weird hearing my last name cause
    they’re pronounced exactly the same.

  25. linda tan says:

    Ahh I missed this! Had to adjust my vocals and warmup with this too in
    choir! Thank you for this!

  26. Berenice Trujillo says:

    at one point i sounded like a very high whimpering puppy, HAHA

  27. Rosana Aular says:

    Thanks for your videos! you are an amazing teacher, help me alot

  28. Kenny Bagwan (KBMS) says:

    Amazing! (y)
    P.s that last part though ♥_♥

  29. Divinum X says:

    God bless you brother this is awesome

  30. Isaac Mion says:

    My daughter says I have a nice Falsetto. She said so after i sang the Star
    Trek theme. If we Skype can you tell me if I am in a head voice or if I
    have a good opera range?

  31. Jan teaches the LCM (London College of Music) syllabus to Diploma level.

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