Singing Lesson from Master Guy Babusek | Transition to High Notes without Cracking

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Guy Babusek Answers Your Questions

Every year, the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) holds a conference for its certified singing teachers. In 2016, I had the opportunity to sit down with Master Teacher Guy Babusek to answer some of the most common questions I get in my voice studio. Talking with Guy is like a personal masterclass and I’m so grateful I was able to ask him these common questions.

Question 1: How do I transition to high notes smoothly without my voice cracking?

This is a great question and one I had on my mind when I first started taking voice lessons. One of my most important jobs as a voice teacher is helping my students make this transition smoothly.

Guy Babusek states that transitioning to high notes smoothly is a skill.

He says: “I’ve noticed that the larger the voice, often the harder time the singer has in making the transition smoothly.”

Guy Babusek likens singing to a sport: “Vocal exercises are the gym exercises and what everybody wants to do is the sport. But they don’t want to do the training. That’s like saying I want to be a great ballet dance but never go up to the ballet bar. Or I want to be a concert pianist but I never want to play scales.”

“Sorry.” Guy says, “It just doesn’t work that way.”

Question 2: How long does it take to be a world class singer?

Guy points out that the answer to this question depends on the singer’s definition of “world class singer”.

Guy gives the example of Adam Lambert who started taking singing lessons when he was 12. Lambert, now in his mid-30s, is the lead singer for the modern lineup of Queen.

Despite Lambert’s vocal training, his big break happened only after finishing runner up on the eighth season of American Idol in 2009. That means that Lambert’s success happened after 15 years of vocal training!

Guy Babusek says that in general for a well-trained voice, you should generally give yourself 8 years.
“The journey should be fun and you should see results right away,” Guy says “but the whole journey takes longer.”

Question 3: Who are some pop singers that have good range and vocal technique?

Adam Lambert
Ann Wilson
Michael Jackson
Stevie Wonder
Donna Summer

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