Singing lesson – Breath support and Diaphragm, “Sugar” Maroon 5

Discover all about Singing lesson – Breath support and Diaphragm, “Sugar” Maroon 5 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing lesson – Breath support and Diaphragm, “Sugar” Maroon 5.

Adding power and attack with diaphragm “support.”

Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

13 thoughts on “Singing lesson – Breath support and Diaphragm, “Sugar” Maroon 5

  1. Lexi Mendes says:

    Sophie your videos are so helpful! Thank you so much for providing us with
    really good content 🙂 you’ve helped me out a TON

  2. Krista Cooke fan says:

    This was a great tutorial 🙂 can you do a tutorial on how to sing Hometown
    glory by Adele using you diaphragm? I love that song ! Thanks for you help


    Sophie, may I comment?….You can absolutely learn to control the rate of
    return of the diaphragm or what some call your inspiratory hold. Support is
    not just about pushing down. It’s also about expanding out in a 360 degree
    fashion including the sides and back. Soft singing may actually require
    more support than loud. Support is also about tension displacement, so that
    the laryngeal area is freed up. If a beginner tries to support and finds
    himself locking up and getting tense in the laryngeal area, they are not
    supporting correctly. Support can be very physically demanding. Support is
    one of those elements of vocal technique that is counterintuitive. Thanks
    for listening.

  4. Kiki Thompson says:

    Beautifully explained! This was was very informative. Thank you so much for

  5. Travis Jacobson says:

    Hi, Sophie. My name is Travis, and I have been singing for about a year. I
    know that’s not a relatively long time to develop my voice that well, but I
    have come along way from where I was. The problem I am having is that I can
    still hear my talking voice in my singing voice. I have no idea how to
    separate the two, or to at least blend them into a more elegant sound. Any

  6. Catty De Rosales says:

    Hola Sofia realizo tus ejercicios pero por tus ejemplos porque no se
    ingles, como anhelo saber tus intrucciones en español

  7. BurnzBoyzProductionz says:

    Hey Sophie, I have your Vocal Primer program. I was wondering if i could
    send you some clips so you could tell me if I’m doing the exercises
    correctly? I think I’ve found my mix, buts it’s very nasally and cracks

  8. Which cd should I buy first I just started ?

  9. Camara Rhodes says:

    i like the term “anchor”

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  11. Katrina Sanchez says:

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