Singing Lesson Blues Riffs

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Blues riffs and ‘blue notes’ are often utilized in runs in popular music. This singing lesson practices with two riffs that help you get a feel for combining a major scale pattern with a little bit of blues special sauce.

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This singing lesson was requested because of some other blues based lessons I’ve done. In this singing lesson, however, rather than practicing the blues scale or patterns that are entirely made up of the blues scale, I’ve taken a diatonic pattern and combined it with a small amount of blues inflection.

This is a very common technique in modern music and R&B runs to give the vocal line more character. The riffs in this singing lesson are meant to tune your ear to the difference between the major third of the major scale and the minor third that occurs in the blues scale.

Thanks for watching!

Jeff Rolka

11 thoughts on “Singing Lesson Blues Riffs

  1. Kyle Evan says:

    Great Video! Thank you so much for doing what you do. Your whole series is

  2. Nalin Kumar Nirula says:

    Thank you so much Jeff! Great exercise.

  3. KCsingingjourney says:

    Can you do a video on the pentatonic scales and vary the degrees of speed?
    Also, I really like your videos. 

  4. Angela Phillips says:

    Totally love and respect what you are doing thank you so very much

  5. Christopher Jespersen says:

    If this was the key of c what are the notes of the pattern please?

  6. Ramona Arena says:

    Thank you so, so,so very much – these are so helpful. Was going nuts trying
    to find exercises specifically for blues and jazz – it’s great that you
    play it in my range! 🙂 Bless you!! xx

  7. If you have an All Access Pass, you can sing ALL the songs.

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