Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Baritone Range

Discover all about Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Baritone Range by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Baritone Range.

By request! A listener wrote in asking about some exercises for singing runs or riffs and I wrote this exercise and video for it. Utilizing skips, scales, and repetitive patterns, the exercise spans an octave range and moves through enough key areas to go through one’s break. The exercise also utilizes some different vowel patterns as well. Enjoy! Learn more at:

10 thoughts on “Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Baritone Range

  1. Vitor Pimenta says:

    I need to repeat… smiles :S

  2. Hi jeff
    I want to learn how to sing, I wasn’t a big fan of singing in the past but
    it has grown on me a lot and I really enjoy it now. I’ve been watching some
    of your videos, they seem well done and pretty legit. But there are so many
    😀 I have a tenor voice. I’m just wondering where to start first on your
    videos. Thanks also good work on the videos. 

  3. Rodolfo Rodriguez says:

    Very challenging, thanks, I have something to keep working on :)

  4. Amos Craig says:

    love this video Jeff! my e’s and a’s are doing well but the other ones need
    work especially oooo

  5. Amos Craig says:

    videos specifically on vocal fry exercises and techniques are very
    interesting and I’ve found useful as well for getting that ultra bright
    tone. Do you have any vocal fry exercise videos Jeff?

  6. abhimanyu says:

    thank you for the video Jeff, it’s really helpful!!!

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  8. Isabella Pitts says:

    Thus the Bollywood karaoke music and the Bollywood karaoke songs were born.

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  10. Cassaundra says:

    If you are trying into singing voice classes to learn opera, do not be postpone by the excessive expenses of individual tutors!

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