Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Alto Range

Discover all about Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Alto Range by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Alto Range.

By request! A listener wrote in asking about some exercises for singing runs or riffs and I wrote this exercise and video for it. Utilizing skips, scales, and repetitive patterns, the exercise spans an octave range and moves through enough key areas to go through one’s break. The exercise also utilizes some different vowel patterns as well. Enjoy! Learn more at:

8 thoughts on “Singing Lesson Agility Exercise for Alto Range

  1. DovesAndGrenades27 says:

    hello, I was wondering if I could request a range extension exercise? I love your exercises and find them very useful in practice, thank you

  2. Jerica Bello says:

    Jeff i warm up to you daily thank you!!

  3. Jamie Cooper says:

    Wow.. this is AWESOME..but I am totally a beginner and can’t remember the pattern cause it’s sooooo long lol lol

  4. Jamie Cooper says:

    OOOOHHHWWWEEE I DID IT the last few tries lol

  5. justgettingalogin says:

    That was really fun. Thank you!

    FYI I played music for my family last week after over a year with them. I have been using your videos as warmups for the past few months because I’m in a cover band and I need you! 😉 so when my family heard me sing they were very impressed by my vocal abilities! My mom is quite the singer I won’t lie so getting to impress her meant a lot to me! I have you to thank!!

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