Singing High Notes: Belting With Intensity

Discover all about Singing High Notes: Belting With Intensity by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing High Notes: Belting With Intensity.

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In this voice lesson, I talk about singing high. More specifically, I teach you how to belt so that when you sing, you can start belting out high notes with more power and intensity.

I hope you enjoy :-).

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40 thoughts on “Singing High Notes: Belting With Intensity

  1. James's Big Band Classics says:

    Yup Its called Placement

  2. Alan Gomez says:

    Whats the name of the song at the begining?

  3. 1436iloveu says:

    you know what im so glad i looked this up. at first im thinking i dont think this dude know anything and almost like every other video out there, but wow i think ur awesome. im going to practice your tutorial everyday to get better and hope one day i can sing to my bf. his a piano, guitar, and an awesome singer. i sound like crap and hope one day we will duet together in a video.

  4. IamAvangelineBeauty says:

    Im so happy I found you !!! , I wanna be a singer but I always found it hard to hold my breath and sing high notes because it strained my voice . ever since I did this .. well now I can give mariah carey a run for her money 😛 Thank you sooo much Eric you’ve helped alot

  5. Bernard Picardal says:

    unga unga unga 😀 .. thank you

  6. Sarah Oracsam says:

    Thank you so much, that helped a lot! 🙂

  7. Hanna Avena says:

    haha. you’re looking cute. how can i focus? 🙂

  8. Elliston Williams says:

    You are a great vocal coach. Did you hit the green…

  9. Narom Ngin says:

    If you do vowels, do you sometimes count Y?

  10. marcodalia3531 says:

    I hope this works because I am singing infront of people on May 17 at the mall in murrieta please talk back Eric:)T_T

  11. Hiro Moshi says:

    Can you sing regine velasquez songs high notes

  12. Pretty pleased that this all came effortlessly on the first try, and it makes a lot of sense when explained in this way too. Great lesson.

  13. Vivien Ballard says:

    you are a miracle worker! before I started watching your videos, I was an amateur and I desperately needed help. after I tried some of your techniques, I’ve been able to hit notes I couldn’t hit before and I’m a much better singer! bless you!

  14. Beverly Griffith says:

    Just started watching your videos. (yesterday). So far, they’ve really helped me. Still working on the breathing exercises. I sing in a church choir, more classical style but your exercises apply to all singing methods. Thanks, Griff

  15. Tylər Patton says:

    3:11 Got me CTFU… but This Lesson Works Even When You’re Getting Horsed!

  16. Bella Nash says:

    Even though I feel really stupid doing these exercises I feel like I’m improving!! Thanks al lot!!!

  17. Jonathan Pinon says:

    You r the best my voice is getting batter thk u so much

  18. Kate Weibel says:

    Dear Eric, you’re one of the nicest, most professional and generous voice coaches I’ve seen online. And I don’t mean generous in the sense that your program is inexpensive (though that too is impressive) but in the way you teach which shows that you really enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. May you always be happy and successful 🙂

  19. your grammar definitely isn’t but good for you!

  20. Chi Bao Dang says:

    Arceneaux’s got some arsenals haha you are bass-baritone correct?

  21. Rocky Peter A says:

    Hi my brother. I am a performer, and your videos are very helpful. Do you have a DVD that has all your lessons? Thank you!!

  22. Killa Kam says:

    Is my tongue supposed to be touching the back of my teeth the entire time I sing, or only when I hit certain notes? plz respond 🙂

  23. frankiehands says:

    Dude I love your videos. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  24. Don Carlson says:

    “now, of course you look and sound stupid”

    Thaaaanks, (drools on shirt)

  25. This is the BEST voice lesson ever!!!
    I like to sing Ariana Grande’s songs and a lot of them have high notes so it has helped me a lot! Thanks 😁

  26. BLAQ GODYSS says:

    Your exercises are soo very helpful, thank you!!! And by the way, you have such a beautiful voice.

  27. Pia Rebel says:

    really man, you’re awesome! thanks for the tip 🙂

  28. vlad smothesbeuger says:

    holy shit this was instant! I could feel the difference immediately after doing these

  29. Aizen Knaik says:

    Oh my god I’ve been wondering how Eumee Capile belts a very high note and after this lesson, I checked out her videos again and yes, she’s doing this ‘tongue technique’. 💕

  30. Shaik Mohid says:

    This was posted when I turned 8!

  31. gigi taylor says:

    Jesus this was posted when I was like 6

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