Singing Before & After – Mama by Boyz II Men

Discover all about Singing Before & After – Mama by Boyz II Men by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Before & After – Mama by Boyz II Men.

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21 thoughts on “Singing Before & After – Mama by Boyz II Men

  1. Hahaha your facial expressions in this are just PERFECT. It’s great to see
    you smile through it though. And also, what a fantastic transformation, you
    sound brilliant!
    What kind of stuff did you do to develop your voice?
    I’ve just started taking an interest in it and so far yours has inspired me
    the most =]

  2. You’re voice is definitely good. And it sounds good acapella style. Now
    throw in a piano or guitar, and you can definitely make a good music video
    for us viewers.

  3. The transformation is great, but this really took you 13 years to get to? I
    mean, you weren’t even that bad in the original. I’m not doubting your hard
    work, but for someone who would like to be a much better singer within a
    year or two, it’s kind of demotivating.

  4. if you really did progross this much and your not flexing for the sake of
    monetary gain thats awsome. you would make more money demonstrating the
    techniques and teaching for free on you tube and building you channel that
    way. theres good money to be made on youtube.

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