Singing 101 for Rappers – How To Sing

Discover all about Singing 101 for Rappers – How To Sing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing 101 for Rappers – How To Sing.

Tired of getting bodied by a singing nigga? Want to learn how to sing for yourself? Well here’s the keys that you’ll need to be able to sing! Whether it be Full on Singing, or Melodic Singing, this video will help you begin to understand what singing is all about, and how to sing for yourself!

Enjoy! ^_^

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40 thoughts on “Singing 101 for Rappers – How To Sing

  1. toumi mohamad says:

    yo! justin wassup ? i wanna ask you somethin’ , can u do downloading and
    intalling plugins videos ?? cuz i wanna download many plugins like autotune
    , nexus 2 ….but i couldn’t! :/ can u make tutorials on how to install ?

  2. lencho xochitl says:

    good job boy!!!! keep up the goodwork

  3. tony banegas says:

    Can you do logic tutorials?!

  4. Potato YoLo says:

    Can you do a melodyne tutorial

  5. Haze beats. Production says:

    Do some popcaan and vybz kartel vocals g

  6. BT Oremie says:

    Your widescreen top letterbox is a little little little off 😀 I see
    through it.

  7. BT Oremie says:

    Also, number 1 tip for singing: “Open your mouth” :D

  8. Adams Avenue says:

    You should do a vocal tutorial on panning vocals from left to right. Or
    pitching vocals from deep to high like Kendrick did in his song maad city.
    I kinda want to know how to do that

  9. SniperNinja-115 says:

    Wow, you have grown so much sense I subscribed to you, congrats! :D

  10. Homy Homy says:

    gooood job Men 😀

    i got 1 Qst if it’s possible it ‘s about How to apply music theory in
    singing!!! ..(if u know something about that .. Help me ^__^ ..cuz i don”t
    know how the music theory can help me as singer (exept knowing the musical
    notes).. and how can i use it to build better vocal melodies )

    ihope my Qst was clear ..cuz my english is sooo baaaad lol

    and thnk youuu so much for the video :)

  11. 1104 No mickey. says:

    Plz Do A Speaker Knockerz Voice Tutorial! Plz!!

  12. orangejewsify says:

    Love your videos man! you have a way of explaining things that helps
    everybody understand. Keep it up bro!

  13. Austin Meghu says:

    I’ve been watching all your videos for the last two months in preparation
    for my upcoming project. Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I’ll
    send you some cool music when it’s finished!

  14. Braden McLaughlin says:

    Will you do a skizzy mars vocal tutorial??

  15. Darren Steur says:

    Need more Travis tuts fam!!! :)

  16. Savage infamyz says:

    LOL! But I ain’t a singer! 😂

  17. Moses Simutowe says:

    Your channel is really helping me a lot…but i still want to know how to
    master a track in FL 12, wish you could upload the video soon…

  18. Tyriese Hairston says:

    Aye bro you gotta do a panda tutorial when you get a chance

  19. Jedi Red-i says:

    vocal effect tutorials are nice keep it up man

  20. Asel Collins says:

    Dude ur really hilarious and smart hahaha

  21. La Nacion Del Hip Hop Latino says:

    do you speak spanish justin?

  22. FrigolitBAWS says:

    if only i had a good voice, its so frustrating having beats you really
    wanna sing/rap on but then you have to get someone else to do it cause your
    voice is bad

  23. Jack Torres says:

    Do a Jazz Cartier vocal tutorial bro :)

  24. This Is Ronnie says:

    can u make a video on how to send project files ?

  25. Greg Licea says:

    I’ma body slam, one of y’all now. BARS

  26. trvplordisvvc says:

    Can u do a unotheactivist tutorial

  27. Monkmang Productions says:

    Look at some of the beats on my channel ( click my name) and let me know
    some honest opinions… some are a 5/10 but there is a couple i think are
    8/10 if i actually finished working the song out instead of tryn to make
    complex patterns… Ive been playing around for 10 years, and it almost
    took that long to really figure out the bassline thing with 3x osc and
    others…. but yeah… im trying

  28. IkeGot TheJuice says:

    What can I do to make my music sound more professional?

  29. Laurence Brathwaite says:

    That first freestyle sound like you come from Trinidad xD

  30. HooplaHolywood says:

    This nigga look exactly like DashieXp

  31. Grape “GrapeKing90” King says:

    real youtubers let the commercials play.

  32. Armando Hernandez says:

    Just looked up Castrato…..not what I was expecting…

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