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  1. singbabysing says:

    This is a common problem. It comes from trying to push out the sound rather
    than releasing it. It also often happens that when we sing a higher note we
    think we have to push it to get it out. The cure is to learn how to use
    compressed air. Try my slow leaky tire video for that.

  2. when i singing must i expanded my diaphragm?pls may i know?

  3. themiddlething says:

    wow thanks I love your video! x

  4. singbabysing says:

    Yes, keep it expanded as long as you can without getting tense in your

  5. singbabysing says:

    Range is how high and low you can sing without your voice breaking or
    without your throat hurting. Find it by first discovering where the center
    of your range is. Do this by singing a note without thinking about it.
    Where is the most comfortable part of your range? In other words, what
    notes are easy to sing for you?

  6. harveyandabeni says:

    wow! i love singing and this really helps! thankyouu!! also, is it u
    singing that song at the end? because its so nice!!

  7. singbabysing says:

    Thanks. Cracking comes from not knowing how to change registers (going from
    low to high or high to low). You have to discover EXACTLY where your voice
    is cracking when you go up and down. When you find that place, go slower
    and softer through it. If it keeps cracking, stop and go slower and softer.
    Keep relaxing that area until you can get through it without a break.

  8. singbabysing says:

    Thanks. I have lots of fun with it.

  9. singbabysing says:

    Thanks, and yes, I sing everything on these videos. 🙂

  10. (I don’t think she heard you…Idiot) Nah I’m just kidding, you’re all

  11. thankyou it really helped, i have trouble with straining (N) i love how you
    teach you make it so fun 🙂

  12. springs356 says:

    should the sound of the “ng” change if i were to pinch my nose? Does this
    mean im singing through my nose? Youre awesome BTW

  13. singbabysing says:

    Good question. I always tell people to “aim” their voice like it is a
    golden thread that goes between your top two front teeth. Every voice has a
    low/mid/high register. The “chest” voice is part of the low register and I
    do sing there but encourage people to strengthen their middle voices and
    work up and down from there.

  14. singbabysing says:

    It does change if you pinch your noise, but why would you do that? 🙂
    Thanks for your encouragement, BTW!

  15. mezzodolce says:

    These videos are great. They’re a lot of fun to watch, and very helpful!
    And, when you make the “caw” sound, my parakeets get all excited and chirp
    lots! 🙂

  16. zomgkitten says:

    that was fun! thanks for the tutorial

  17. thesimulacre says:

    “and you can do that. wherever you are” HAHAHAHA!! You are awesome!

  18. thesimulacre says:

    “and you can do that, wherever you are” Can I take positivity lessons from
    you instead? Maybe diffusing negativity 101? Voice is getting better
    already. Much love.

  19. Bombolo2009 says:

    Very good. I believe that after many of those exercises all pupils will be
    able to sing from Purcell to Hindemith without difficulties.Perhaps.

  20. singbabysing says:

    Thanks. Now I’m listening to blue jays and learning.

  21. singbabysing says:

    Thanks. Yes, we can sing and project our voices anywhere we are, even in
    the kitchen or garage.

  22. singbabysing says:

    I like that idea. Positivity Lessons. Awesome! I’m still working on getting
    something going for online lessons that are more in-depth.

  23. singbabysing says:

    Wow! Thanks. That’s quite a compliment.

  24. singbabysing says:

    @sasquatchsoul Thanks for your kind words. Anything I can help you with?

  25. Sebastian Nau says:

    how do i find the most powerful parts of my voice

  26. Brenda Voorbrood says:

    Hii!´Yesterday is was at a party with really loud music so i screamed alot
    and now i´m a bit hoarse, And tonight i have to perform. Help me!

  27. singbabysing says:

    @TheFirestarter701 You find them by feeling what the tone feels like inside
    of you rather than “listening” to your voice. It’s all about vibration,
    freedom and the release of joy.

  28. singbabysing says:

    @TheFirestarter701 You find them by feeling what the tone feels like inside
    of you rather than “listening” to your voice. It’s all about vibration,
    freedom and the release of joy.

  29. singbabysing says:

    @rawrrBrendaa Sorry I didn’t see this in time for your performance. How are
    you doing now?

  30. Brenda Voorbrood says:

    @singbabysing I’m okay now!

  31. singbabysing says:

    @rawrrBrendaa That’s good to hear. Also, for future reference, here is
    something about hoarseness that might be useful for you:
    singingmastermind(dot)com/voice-problem-hoarse-throat/ You have to type in
    the dot before the com because YouTube will not allow links inside the
    comments text. That’s why I encourage people to go to my
    singingmastermind(dot)com site for more help. I can answer questions better
    there and direct you to more helpful resources.

  32. Sebastian Nau says:

    @TheFirestarter701 Thank you for the response I will be trying this from
    here on out.

  33. Makani Gramlich says:

    hey im gonna perform soon at my school is there any tips you can give me?
    like what to eat and what not to eat? im gonna perform an AC/DC song. so i
    really need your help. oh and i have an hyper active gag system. so its hard

  34. Avery Chapman says:

    While you can teach yourself to sing the basics with these resources, if you want to sing well, working with a vocal teacher is extremely important.

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