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  1. spawk1993 says:

    hi I like singers like axl rose(guns roses) and Sebastian bach(skid row)and
    i was wondering how to make my voice sound more like theres? I now there
    voices are raspy but im not sure even how to my my voice raspy lol any how
    if you could help it would be great

  2. singbabysing says:

    Raspiness is done by tightening the throat area, almost as if you are
    choking with sound coming through. I don’t recommend it because it puts so
    much pressure on the vocal cords that it can cause serious problems down
    the line and you only get 1 voice in life. However, if you really want to
    do that kind of singing, try what I suggested above, although I disclaim
    any responsibility for what happens to your vocal cords. 🙂

  3. singbabysing says:

    Hard to tell without hearing or seeing you on a video. Usually, though, not
    being able to sing high has to do with a tight throat and tongue creating
    too much tension around the vocal cords so that they can’t vibrate freely.

  4. singbabysing says:

    Baritone range would normally fall between G2-G4, so if you sing this an
    octave lower than I’m singing it, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  5. singbabysing says:

    Oops, forgot to mention that this shouldn’t need falsetto.

  6. singbabysing says:

    It’s more like a warm up exercise, kind of like when a person stretches
    before running a race or doing strenuous exercise.

  7. sing baby sing …please put some advice how to do a vibrato..

  8. ButtonMuncher says:

    Thank you, Joy. I love your attitude–you want us to not only sing as best
    we can, but also not damage our vocal cords. Most singing teachers wouldn’t
    do anything for free, and you’re a champion for hading us your expertise. I
    enjoyed this warm-up, and see how beneficial the aw sound is over the ahh.
    Thanks a lot! P.S. How does one not get addicted to resonance if it pumps
    endorphins through? I want to hum all day long now. 😀

  9. thewrongdirection says:

    is it possible to sing it an octave lower? I actually couldn’t ^^ thanks
    for the video

  10. singbabysing says:

    Ideally, you never want the jaw to tighten up more than is natural as when
    you are speaking without thinking about the fact that you’re using your
    voice to speak. However, when you first start doing the tongue exercise,
    it’s possible that you will feel a difference in the muscles of your face
    because you’re working on something you may not have paid attention to
    before. Keep at it and see if the tight feeling goes away.

  11. singbabysing says:

    sing it where it’s comfortable for you….

  12. thewrongdirection says:

    thank you^^ I love your video could you please post something about voice

  13. It is normal that I even feel my teeth vibrating when I do the “mmm” part?
    Lol, it feel so strange

  14. singbabysing says:

    Yay! If you feel your teeth vibrating you are doing it exactly right!

  15. Sourya Sihachakr says:

    Thank you so much … You are wonderful ! Greetings from France !

  16. BrianaBerries says:

    This video is great, but i only feel the vibration near the top of my
    mouth, like on the roof of my mouth is that good? and I plan on taking
    singing lessons in about 5 months, is there anything you suggest I should
    look for in a teacher? I’m a complete beginner. I mean is there a certain
    kind of teacher I should look for? OH AND! Is seltzer water okay for my
    voice? I was thiking the fizzyness would soothe my throat when I sing.

  17. singbabysing says:

    Merci! Trust these are helping you!

  18. singbabysing says:

    vibration on the roof of your mouth is good. You’ll feel it more in other
    places too as you work at it. Most important in a teacher is how they sing
    and how they teach then how comfortable you feel with him or her. Lots of
    people set themselves up as voice teachers and may sing well but haven’t a
    clue as to how to teach. Your voice is a unique instrument. There’s not
    another like it in the world, so be careful with who you choose. Check out
    local resources and find out about their reputations.

  19. singbabysing says:

    Seltzer water not much recommended. Warm herbal teas or just plain water is

  20. BrianaBerries says:

    thank you so much 😀 I’ll keep checking in on your videos until I can
    actually get some lessons in January. They’re really helpful!

  21. is it true if your bad at singing you can get better?

  22. is it true if your not good at singing you can get better?

  23. Miguel Alvarado says:

    I think it’s true. Learning canbe hard and tiresome, but if you really
    keeeeeeeep on going you’ll start hearing results. It’s kind of funny
    because it does something with your body.

  24. penguinsrockmysox says:

    okay, so i LOVE singing. i know i suck, and i know when i am not hiting the
    notes, like i can hear it myself, but i cant fix it… what do i do…? and
    i can only sing low notes, how can i train my voice to be able to go a bit

  25. corkedmachinima says:

    nice…i can hear the resonance you’re experienceing…

  26. singbabysing says:

    Sorry to take so long to reply (I had a big move this year) but it IS TRUE
    that you can get better. Don’t give up on yourself or your voice.

  27. singbabysing says:

    I sure apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I made a huge move
    this year and it threw everything off for me. But it also allowed me to
    re-focus and get back to you all. Keep tuned…I’m still here and moving
    forward to help everyone more.

  28. singbabysing says:

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Major move this year for me but I
    am FINALLY able to start back in on helping more people with their voices.
    The answer to your question is that there is no set time frame for most
    people because everyone is different and applies themselves differently. It
    depends a lot on how much time you put in and what your mindset is when you
    sing or practice. Mindset is probably 90% of the issue.

  29. singbabysing says:

    See my answer to your first question.

  30. singbabysing says:

    OK. You got me. What do you mean by flawless? Me? You? The world? This
    video? I’m smiling.

  31. reynaldomonterrey says:

    when i write that in a video is my highest expression of komplement, i give
    in you tube,it means perfekt more than perfekt,thanx for your vids,amazing

  32. YouSpamTard says:

    The girl singing is either tone deaf, or she is just musically ignorant.
    She is pitch bending, and if that is not bad enough, she never really hits
    a single pitch. My best guess is that she is tone deaf. Literally speaking.
    Specifically speaking, she is probably tone deaf around the sound frequency
    of 4K hertz. The fucked up shit I see on youtube never ceases to amaze me.
    Good God, This woman is talking about sound frequency and she knows shit
    about it. Somebody stick a pole up my ass, please.

  33. Makayla Fitzgerald says:

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