17 thoughts on “Sing Like A Trumpet

  1. Lindsay Kearney says:

    Could you do one of these on other instruments, like trombone and guitar? That would be super helpful!

    1. Deke Sharon says:

      That’s the plan! Muted trumpet coming next, then flute, then many more

  2. A Cappella Trudbol says:

    Awesome tutorial, clear and simple, totally works! 🙂

  3. The Dubya Bee says:

    Arbitrary hand motions may help the performer, but it’ll drive trumpet players crazy to see the same repeating note fingered five different ways, or to see the third valve down by itself.

  4. davidlongoria says:

    nice one! love the video! Loved your video! . I subbed your channel. sub back please!

  5. Jorge al Najjar says:

    lol do we love you… a question tho, do the lips stay relaxed after the B is released, and their opening is controlled by air flow, or do we actively shape them somehow (similar to whistling?) as to avoid `BRBRB`?

    1. Deke Sharon says:

      It’s a matter of keeping the tension about the same. Too loose and you get flap, too tight and it closes the sound off.

    1. Deke Sharon says:

      Once you get it, you’ll have it forever, like whistling or riding a bike. You’ll get it!

  6. Hyomin Kim says:

    when i have to look this only because i’m singing a song deke sharon arranged.

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