“Sing Like A Star” – how to adlib snippet

Discover all about “Sing Like A Star” – how to adlib snippet by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here “Sing Like A Star” – how to adlib snippet.

“Sing Like A Star” is a video product I developed to help people sing like their favorite pop artists. it is a 3 hour digital download that features lessons on how to support your voice, how to sing chest voice, how to sing mixed voice, how to ad lib and how to sing actual songs. Here is a snippet of the 40 minute lesson on how to adlib. to purchase this product, please visit www.DileesaHunter.com

6 thoughts on ““Sing Like A Star” – how to adlib snippet

  1. Dileesa Hunter says:

    oh yea, i was 7 months pregnant in this video :-)

  2. Marco Marques says:

    I already bought this and it’s amazing for ear training, improvisation and

  3. Inguaribile Romantico says:

    In the way you ad-lib you remind me a little of Lalah Hathaway!

  4. Christion says:

    I wanted to get leading roles which often require a combination of dancing and singing.

  5. Luke Benton says:

    I am only a newbie and I want straightforward songs for my Music Exam.

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