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Sing Lesson
Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase it’s potential.Sing Lesson

Can YOU Sing?

Before you pay for tuition, take time to do the following steps

You will need:-

A Tape Recorder and Microphone.

Writing Materials.

Something to sing with – Use one of your favourite singles/backing track/midi file.

Record yourself singing along to a song.Sing Lesson

Listen back to your recording.

Take notes on the following points:

Are you in Tune with the music? – your notes should match the song.

Is your voice weak or strong? – shouting is NOT Singing!!

Are you breathing correctly? – you should not be short of breath

Do you struggle to reach the notes – pick an easy song to start with!

Are you gasping for air between phrases – learn to breath in the “rests” between phrases

Record youself again with another song Sing Lesson

Listen to the difference in your practice recordings as you progress.Sing Lesson

Use our FREE online singing lessons, vocal scales and other exercises and tutorials to expand your knowledge and improve your abilities.

Sing Lesson “Since starting KTVA I have found new power, range, and tone in my voice that I never thought I could possess. Now I am able to sing songs that I had never thought possible and take my voice past the obstacles I had lived with for so many years.Sing Lesson The beauty of this program is that no matter what your skill level is you will be able to apply the techniques and improve your voice immediately.Sing Lesson Ken Tamplin is an inspiration as a teacher and is always there to help his students, armed with the knowledge that he has accumulated throughout his own vocal journey.Today my voice is the best it has ever been and keeps getting better day by day. As Ken himself says “The Proof is in the Singing!”Scott Patrick — Lead Singer-Wyatt — Canada Sing Lesson

Revolutionary singing system designed to improve your singing voice, tone, vocal control, expand your range, and make you a better singer in record time.
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