Sing High Notes – How Rock Singers Do It (the good ones)

Discover all about Sing High Notes – How Rock Singers Do It (the good ones) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Sing High Notes – How Rock Singers Do It (the good ones).

– How do you sing high notes? Want to sing high pitched rock songs a la Bon Jovi, Skid Row, etc.? What’s the difference between falsetto and head voice? Los Angeles vocal coach Per Bristow – creator of the world’s most popular voice training program – the Sing With Freedom/ The Singing Zone program – demonstrates the common trap rock singers fall into when singing in the high range.

For more info on how to expand your vocal range and sing high notes with passion and freedom, watch the free video at

39 thoughts on “Sing High Notes – How Rock Singers Do It (the good ones)

  1. Peter Green says:

    All thats in my head is “Remeaember yesterday”…

  2. i get what i need after watching this video .. thanks best lesson ..

  3. Carol Hanson says:

    Just the tips he gave here are going to help me a lot, since that’s exactly
    what I do — try to belt it out rather than relax and sing a little
    softer. Thanks Per!

  4. Homie Jay says:

    Thank you. I’m trying to sing a Ariana grande song but I can’t hit one of
    the notes so I will try this. 😊

  5. Shred Sixsixsix says:

    Really good actual example

  6. PuppyD Sponge says:

    Damn, where are you now senseii? Please continue your youtube channel

  7. Ilham Maulana says:

    Really helpful, thank you so much.

  8. reginaldperiwinkle says:

    Thank you again for posting this. I use it all the time to hear how to hit
    high notes in a relaxed way.

  9. Thanks a bunch for these extremely helpful videos Per Bristow. You’ve
    mentioned developing muscles as a means to really high singing. Do vocal
    type like baritone for example restrict singing for example like Axl Rose?

  10. Kurt Snyder says:

    Thank you ! You just taught me Something I never Knew ! I’m gonna be The
    Greatest Singer Since Elvis ! !

  11. Cathy Crothers says:

    OMG what a great vocal command! thank you!!

  12. Adam Silbernagel says:

    Freddie Mercury 2:25

  13. You’re the best vocal coach on YT thanks for this video I would buy any
    training DVD’S or downloads from him any day

  14. amazing! I didn’t think you can sing high note like this because your voice
    sound like low and warm.

  15. Josh Bigornia says:

    It really sucks when you sing really high notes but people don’t appreciate
    it because they thought it was only a falsetto when I was actually using my
    head tone and they didn’t know the difference about it… -_-

  16. Clément Canaby says:

    and what about stevie wonder failers?! which is the good way to acheive?

  17. Kayhla rocks says:

    this actually what ariana grande does

  18. rainaprxncess says:

    Hi, I’m a girl I sing in an alto voice, I’d like to be able to sing rock
    music … any tips.. guidence?

  19. david jeanmarie says:

    I wish I could sing but I can’t because I have a bad sing voice..

  20. Ray Bantawa says:

    as i grew older i realized the same thing,u dont scream ur balls out,u sing
    as softly as u can n that helps in recording really well n also if you
    practise with microphone n headphns,u will be lot better cos u will be able
    to hear all the flaws in ur vocal n correct them,specially with condenser

  21. Keyboard Gladiator says:

    your screaming with high volume is actually good.

  22. Dia L (Dia13) says:

    This rocks(pun intended). Very helpful. I’m trained in Broadway style and
    am trying to work on rock(which is my fave). Thank you!!!

  23. This guy is so good. Sounds even better than the studio version!

  24. Ítalo Filipe says:

    Freddie mercury was the Best. In my opinion

  25. TheOzzMan says:

    One of the eye opener explanation for me.Thanks
    I always keep coming back to watch this video :)

  26. Григорий Дубров says:

    And i want to know now how to scream like a rock singers, but healthily

  27. T4CT1C4L_P0T4T0 says:

    Heh, the singer from Skid Row teaches vocals where I take lessons.

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