Discover all about SING HIGH IN YOUR CHEST VOICE – HOW TO BELT by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here SING HIGH IN YOUR CHEST VOICE – HOW TO BELT.
. Click Link to Learn How To Belt. “Belting” is a term that has been used in many ways. There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding vocal belts and in this lesson, I will aim to clarify what belting really is, its risks and its very important benefits.

In simplest terms, belting is generally referred to vocal phonations that exist at or above the passaggio. For men that would be approximately be from D4-E4 and for women, approximately around G4-C5. Belt voice is very similar to shouting, but it is controlled and highly refined shouting with technique. With techniques, a pushy, choking shout can turn into an amplified, chesty note. For this reason, sometimes vocal belts are referred to as “call register”. First and foremost, when singers are belting well, they have enabled a level of intrinsic musculature support and coordination that pushes the human voice to its performance envelope, even beyond vocal distortion vocal effects.

Great belting is characterized by a strong engagement of chest voice musculature, it…. (The Rest of This video lesson is found at ).
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  1. George Fry says:

    Fantastic content here brother!

  2. LittleMissLurker says:

    lol, your facial expressions and hand gestures crack me up! (not in a bad
    way, though. It’s really engaging) I love your voice and your teaching C:
    You’re great!

  3. Paul Pena says:

    How can you remove rasp from your voice? I like the clean sound you have.

  4. Bledszy, trochę śpiący says:

    Nice video! I’ve got a question. It’s not connected with technique really,
    but with terminology. What is the difference between glissando and
    portamento in singing? Wikipedia explains it, but it’s still confusing me.

  5. Gabriel Gutierrez says:

    I sing for 7 months I reached c5 one day, but I’m not that comfortable
    singing there. I’m a baritone I think
    Thanks for the video !

  6. sharath chandra Govardhan says:

    I love how you teach sir!!! I have been watching your videos since very

  7. Travis Simon says:

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  8. He has received invitations internationally as a guest conductor, including locations in Europ, America, Australia and throughout the UK.

  9. Jayden Hardy says:

    Internal vibration of sing tune religious continues to offer drink of nectar drugs and religious meditation.

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