Sing better instantly – 3 insane tips!

Discover all about Sing better instantly – 3 insane tips! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Sing better instantly – 3 insane tips!.

Learn things like how to sing with distortion, how to sing with rasp, how to sing with vibrato, and how to sing with your diaphragm! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has great singing tutorials on how to sing better, using methods that REALLY WORK! Improve your voice. Learn to sing high notes, and find out about Ken’s great Online Singing Lessons.

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Sing better instantly 3 insane tips!

3 Killer Tips To Rock Your Voice Now!


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42 thoughts on “Sing better instantly – 3 insane tips!

  1. Hi Ken, I would really like to sing and I have tried doing the exercise you
    show in the video, however when I try to sing higher notes my neck
    stiffens, how can I prevent that? Also I can’t seem to find your video
    about diaphragmatic support.

  2. IsabellaCLau 125 says:

    Ken!!! Please, please do a How To Sing: Air Supply video! I just bought
    your pro bundle and having that on top would make my whole life frankly :D

  3. the intro edits to this video reminded me of ‘Tim and Eric’s Awsome show’

  4. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    I love these tips. Very helpful! You have such a powerful voice. I’m
    jealous. 🙂

  5. OojineUgyne94 says:

    Finally something that works from someone that WORKED…XDD.. thx KEN!..from

  6. Stefan Salvatore says:

    where can I find the videos of open throat technique? you have so many
    videos so I am having a hard time finding them :(

  7. Raamayan Ananda says:

    Do you do private lessons over skype?

  8. instantly!! instantly!! instantlyyyyyyyyy!!!

  9. Wayne Holm says:

    Ken I’m trying to learn more about singing because I can’t, I’m a drummer
    and I’ve got bands always asking me can you sing? No I can’t.. Can you
    Do-Wop? No don’t ask me again! Although I do have a booming voice I don’t
    think I hear the music correctly even after 36 years of drumming. My
    question is Ken do you recommend anyone in the Midwest area that can assist
    me with finding out exactly what I need and where to start? By the way
    highly talented you are ken.

  10. Yaser Abdelmohsen says:

    omg i wish i could have that powerful voice….

  11. HEYZZY_ _hon guan says:

    Why is it that when i breathe in my stomach moves in instead of out when i
    breathe out it goes out instead of in? :)

  12. TheseCrazyKids says:

    Those three tips are literally a life guide fo dummies :’)

  13. M.A.T.Z blog says:

    dude your so funny!!!!!! i love your videos!!!!!!!

  14. Menstruator il Menstruatore says:

    What?!!!! U mean I can not sing like Pavarotti?????

  15. PotawatomiThunderNew says:

    Hey +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy , I have a question and I wanted to come on
    one of your videos and ask you because I think you’re a little more
    qualified than most other people on Youtube giving singing lessons. I guess
    what I’m just trying to ask if it’s “normal” to have just a regular off day
    when it comes to singing? I mean like to have days where for whatever
    reason, you’re just not able to sing as well as you would normally?
    Obviously people have days where they can’t sing well, but usually there’s
    a reason for it. We all know if you are sick/have a sore throat, or if you
    just happen to have a lot of phlegm build up that day, or your voice is
    hoarse from yelling or something – We all know factors like that will make
    you not be able to sing as well as you normally would. But is it a normal
    thing for people to not be able to sing as well as usual if there’s nothing
    wrong? Because I find that happens to me sometimes. I just wanna start off
    by saying I am by NO means a good singer. There’s nothing professional
    about the way I sing. I can’t quite sing with power, or belt, or use
    vibrato, it can be difficult for me to sing from my gut, just all the
    things that come with genuinely knowing how to sing. I can’t really do any
    of that. But I still love singing and I feel like despite that I can still
    do a decent enough job singing some songs. Like well enough to get by just
    a little bit at least. So when I say I have an off day, I don’t want it to
    sound like on regular days I’m great. I’m not, SOME days I’m decent at
    best. But with all that being said, just some random days, I can’t sing
    anything to save my life. I will feel perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong
    with me or my throat. But I might try to sing a song that on a regular day,
    I could sing okay. But on this day I just can’t pull it off like I normally
    could. And my throat will be perfectly fine, I will sing the same way I
    normally do, but it just comes out bad. Like I said, just an off day. Like
    if you have a bad hair day, but instead it’s a bad singing day. No reason
    for it at all, but it just comes out wrong and different than normal. I
    have those days, where for no reason I just can not do it. So I’m asking,
    is that a normal thing??? Just a regular day where you’re abilities are
    limited and for no reason at all? I just wanna know if that’s common.

    Thank you for your time. By the way, off topic but you should do a Pink
    Floyd “how to sing like” video if you’re able to. Which I would like to
    hear because their approach to vocals was very distinct and different and
    is just a very big contrast to the Bruce Dickinson’s, or Layne Staley’s, or
    Chris Cornell’s, or anybody who has this kind of big technique that makes
    you say “to hit this note here, you have to do this with your throat, gut,
    head, whichever body part”. Their approach was more like a low, but at the
    same time still somewhat high pitched, approach. Or if you’re dealing with
    Roger it would be more of an animated approach. So if you can, you should
    do a Pink Floyd one, just since they are very different.

  16. Victor ian says:

    How can you tell which note you are on?

  17. Amanda Heards says:

    is it possible to increase the vocal range ?

  18. Why is your tongue rounded sometimes when you sing?

  19. You are one of best singers I’ve heard in my life 😀 Really you are great
    😀 And I would like to ask you a question 😀 Is there any chance that you
    would check my 1 min video of my ” singing” and tell me what I did bad? I
    haven’t record it yet xD I am probably really stupid now when I am writing
    it xD But it is something that I would like to know 😀 I think that I can
    learn more from your videos than from the singers from my country xD

  20. Lost In Wonderland says:

    Thank you so much Ken, this video helped me immensely!

  21. godsdivazita says:

    Hey Ken I would love to use your videos off of You Tube. Would you be kind
    enough to share with the You Tube family what is the best staring
    video place for a beginner singer like myself. I’ve watched quite a few
    of your videos which are all very informative. However, I find myself a bit
    over whelmed because I keep feeling like I don’t have a starting video
    point with any progression on to day 2, or week 2, or month 2. Looking for
    a beginning, middle, and a end, or a progression video that I can follow
    along with letting me know exactly where I should be at. Respectfully Gods
    Diva Zita

  22. Robert Primeau says:

    These kind of vids are awesome. Make more of these.

  23. alapic2007 says:

    Stop freaking me out! I thought it was that voice inside my head again….

  24. Alfie Flattop says:

    How do I get it to sound like a voice instead of sounding like I’m talking?

  25. Ken,……your the shit. Hope you know im sayin that to give you the
    biggest compliment.

  26. gktjq149 7 says:

    Hi sir. I would really appreciate if you could answer my question. So i
    hear everywhere that after you breathe in, you have to keep the diaphragm
    from coming up as you sing. And you wrote on the comment that it is like
    holding your breathe under the water. I get this up to this part. I try to
    hold that air with my diaphragm and not with my throat or other muscle. But
    now how do i make a sound while doing that? Im gonna have to let go of that
    hold if i wanna speak dont i? I dont understand this part. Can you please
    be kind to help me with this dilemma?

  27. Cesar Vanegas says:

    i dont know if this worked maybe a bit so thanks dude

  28. chingjei Kyk says:

    my voice crack when i hit the high note..could you help it out to control?

  29. WHAT? I was hoping to get these 3 (free content) insane tips, work up some
    quick Whitesnake and head on down the Karaoke bar and blow some minds. Darn
    it Kenny.

  30. Shawntay Rodriguez says:

    thAnk you so super much

  31. I was wary of this video because of the title. I was relieved when you told
    it like it is.

  32. Rene Stia says:

    what is the title of the song in the last part of the video?! so aweseome!

  33. Jimmeyred says:

    You have an amazing voice, Ken, and you’re so kind! It’s actually extremely
    cool how you post a lot of legitimate tips for free on youtube. Thank you
    so much for your contribution to people’s singing!

  34. Troy Velasquez says:

    You like to sing ? but singing in the shower and singing well are two various things.

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