37 thoughts on “Simon Challenges Contestant To Sing Hallelujah, Then Singer Stuns All 4 Judges With His Voic

  1. Jaime Brown says:

    lovely voice, beautifully sung.

  2. Audio was done with a wax cylinder

  3. Sara Schulze says:

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  4. Share Ideas says:

    @LeeDeWyze #beautiful #Trumpinauguration? All of the talent here should
    consider performing on Friday January 21, 2017. Show the World who you are.

  5. Robert Shockley (RDSHOCK) says:

    Holy hell the Phone ins…

  6. Leigh Hincks says:

    Why is simon cowell such a c*nt?

  7. ofmayakashi says:

    i thought it was gonna be hallelujah by panic! at the disco and got exited,
    but it was still amazing

  8. Jim Roberts says:

    If you think this is good (it isn’t), go to the YouTube video of the girl
    singing on the Armenian Voice who is so good, the judges ask her to sing it
    again. Fantastic!

  9. Emma de Jong says:

    Primary menu far many formal football own combat guidance peak.

  10. fireice2037 says:

    Was this copied using an atari?

  11. Sera Lieey says:

    does he really knows the lyrics or just sing it until done and then? 😐
    I hope he will understand what is the meaning of HALELUJAH.

  12. To be honest, I think that was a bit of a mess; the girls in the backing
    vocals were just as good as him – probably more in tune – just sayin’

  13. Nic Donovich says:

    singing Priest sings it way better on you tube

  14. Van Johnson says:

    asscrackovision it standards NBC an shit

  15. Just Act Films says:

    wow damn yeah, that was a great version.

  16. Sylvain de Jonquière says:

    I think that the «fabulous» Simon has paided the other judges, because it
    wasn’t certainly «stunning», that guy has maybe some talent, but in
    Alleluia, he was less than just ordinary; but good luck kid. (sorry for my
    English errors, but I am a french speaker … with anyway judment).

  17. You know, I was going to criticize the singer, then I thought some more
    about it… the arrangement was terrible. They way overdid it with the
    chorus, the horns, and the big production. He might have done better
    without all of the hyped up bullshit. He sounded like he had to sing louder
    to hear himself over everything, and it totally ruined it.

  18. therewill77 says:

    He really has a very strained voice. This was Way out of his range.

  19. brockbest says:

    This audio was recorded using a carrot.

  20. TheJer1963 says:

    Listen to Celtic Thunder sing this. It will give you chills.

  21. Margie Gerrish says:

    Something about this young man is just genuine. I love him.

  22. I love the song, lose the back singers.

  23. Watson 3. says:

    What does ellen have to do with this?!

  24. Dennis Vowles says:

    Wow!!! that is an amazing rendition! igg.me/at/garrdal

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