Short Vocal Warm Up for Singing

Discover all about Short Vocal Warm Up for Singing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Short Vocal Warm Up for Singing.

This is a great way to prepare your voice if you’re pressed for time.

40 thoughts on “Short Vocal Warm Up for Singing

  1. Angel Arkhangael says:

    #baxteronsinging dude that is so cool

  2. RottingMadGreed says:

    Hehe. Great!

    Edit: Quest(ion) to Mr Baxter: to know about the outro song I’d like.
    Official a song or…? Fnd it I may? 

  3. Patrick Isaac says:

    I just wanted to ask why voice cracks more often when volume increases. I
    am a 17 year old male. I noticed that I tend to pull my chest voice up when
    I try to sing higher when performing. But during practice at home, I try my
    best to pull my mix down to sing the same notes. My notes specially in the
    passagio area are the hardest to sing. Higher notes are easier. Another
    problem I have with pulling down mix is that I can`t get the desired sound
    which sounds natural. My mix sounds very high pitched and kinda sounds like
    a scream. Last thing, my voice is wobbly when singing softly in the
    passagio area.

  4. Patrick Isaac says:

    I also wanna thank you for all your educational videos. They have given me
    different perspectives in singing. I also learned that most of singing
    relies on the brain and not the physiological aspect of it.

  5. Wanda Nowicki says:

    #1) Excellent help. EXCELLENT.
    #2) ending is QUITE funny! 

  6. Thank you Mark for these awesome videos, if you ever want a rock guitarist
    let me know, the only thing is I live in the UK :)

  7. Wanda Nowicki says:

    May I ask why you start SO high for the women? Seems too high for a warm

  8. Wanda Nowicki says:

    Hey Angel –I CAN go that high, I just find it odd to START that high, and
    then come down. But ,I like this exercize and will do it more often as Mark

  9. Seth Hilliard says:

    If I don’t like the way my voice sounds when I sing because it sounds
    deeper than when I talk. What are some exercises to make me feel more
    comfortable about my voice. I’m a bass/tenner and I want to be able to sing
    with confidence and power. I just don’t know if I have been in voice
    lessons long enough, how long does it take to see an improvement and feel
    comfortable up on stage?

  10. Seth Hilliard says:

    Thanks for the help! I love all of the videos that you post on Youtube to
    help people to learn and sing better. The main reason for my question was,
    I was singing karaoke at a bar and the DJ was setting it up the best way
    for him and not for the singer. When I use all of my recording equipment
    and as I sing with my guitar, it sounds amazing. I guess I was just mad
    because I have never sounded that good singing karaoke. I’m a singer,
    songwriter in Nashville working on a publishing deal, so I can’t be to bad.
    hahahaha. Thanks a million, I will always watch your videos!!!!

  11. Zuhair Sliwoo - زهير صليوا‎ says:

    Hi Mr. thank you very much about all of these lessons and i appreciate ur
    work plz may i ask u question i sing and i have a problem with my vocal
    cords when i went to Dr i realize that i have a singing’s nodule so if i do
    surgery will my voice change or with these exercise will i get it back so
    please device me ??? with best wishes

  12. Carlozvela759 says:

    Can yOu do “ah” or any other vowels with this exercise?

  13. Juno Binks says:

    Ha! Thanks for making it to the end. :-)

  14. Sumit Saluja says:

    Hi Mark, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. I have a question.
    Initially when i start singing, i feel my voice is nice and crisp but after
    a while that ring in my voice disappears. My throat gets tensed a little
    and i loose that connection between my voice and breath. Can you suggest
    way out. Thank You.

  15. TheCrazyKings says:

    My opinion; The best Warm up exercise video on youtube

  16. elisabeth nerolk says:

    hilarious!! but always so great to learn !!

  17. Tessa's World says:

    Can you do a video on how to get better at pitch?

  18. Ricky Ohrn says:

    You make all your videos so much better than any other coach, great stuff
    Mark, you’re great.

  19. patreid005 says:

    the best explanations I ve seen on the subject of improving one’s range.
    Many thanks!

  20. Hanah Russell says:

    UM that took 6 mins and u said was a short vocab thing i was really pressed
    for time and u are a piano player

  21. Annalotte202222 says:

    i think u have a beautiful voice :)

  22. Johana Ospina says:

    lolll!!! hilarious! love it

  23. Nigel Crosby says:

    Does drinking alcohol effect your vocal chords? If so, how much?

  24. Thank you! I’ve done this excellent vocal warmup before the concert, and
    now I know why is the warm up so important. I finally know how to maintain
    the health of my vocal cords after a show.
    And this channel is damn cool 😀 !Thank you Sir!

  25. joanncarter2000 says:

    Mark, you are fantastic. You and I spend mornings together! Love your sense
    of humor, especially at the end of this vid. I have those days with my
    students, too!

  26. Patricia Knox says:

    He made me,laugh watch at the end ! Excellent lesson !

  27. Dj/sing j Dominansce says:

    how long should each price of vocal exercise be done, five minutes, ten

  28. Patricia Knox says:

    It’s really not ridiculous, burping is natural and the truth is we are all
    only human! Love your lessons, thxs!

  29. Julie Christjohn says:

    awesome, best instruction I have found…thank you

  30. How will you know if your hitting the right note?Is it supposed to “feel”
    right or produce some type of resonance? I can match voices sometimes but
    not instruments although I can tell notes apart. Any help?

  31. Jozef Ramos says:

    Keep up the great work Mark. You’re the man

  32. MrAero164 says:

    man thank you so much, i’ve been trying for so long, i’ almost crying thank
    you thank you thank you!

  33. Kayhla rocks says:

    am i female so i find it hard to keep my voice at my pitch when i’m singing
    with you it’s like my voice automatically follows you , do you have any
    tips ? other than that great videos

  34. This was REALLY helpful, and the bloopers at the end were actually
    encouraging , thanks!

  35. Misha Sutherland says:

    Love your videos , ur such a brilliant teacher , Thankyou so so much Misha

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