41 thoughts on “Sebastian Singing and Acting Lesson

  1. Natalina Elisovic says:

    my my bassy. your terrifying.

  2. greg tietze says:

    can someone give me the dubbed version of the ova

  3. Fiona(FemaleFinny) says:

    “my,my bassy! you’re terrfying”
    omg grell is so freaking cute ♡ 😂😂😂

  4. edwardelric880 says:

    No dub hate comments here I see.. good. The dub of this show is too good
    for that kind of bs to be going on anyway.

  5. Dark Gamer says:

    The dub version is very good. Their accent match well with the characters.

  6. butsniffer1213 yastimmyyas says:

    what grell said in the end had me laughing my ass off

  7. Jacob Dremmur says:

    I thought ciel died, is that just me?

  8. Alyssa Gagnon says:

    Um….Ciel… I actually know a thing or two about acting and you sound
    seriously monotone…

  9. Joey Romena says:


  10. SuperMilk Kitteh says:

    Grell u make all black butler episodes the best one ^_^

  11. Caitlin PlaysMC says:

    Well done Ciel! You did great! Lmao 😂

  12. lee yi xian says:

    is it weird that i preffer the subbed version

  13. Hallie Miller says:

    Chu made Sabastian mad! Now your going to die! xD

  14. Arsenia Agulto says:

    In this episode, Ciel is worst at acting but, in Book of Murder, Ciel is so
    good at drama

  15. Arsenia Agulto says:

    In this episode, Ciel is worst at acting but, in Book of Murder, Ciel is so
    good at drama

  16. Tifre' Hairston says:

    Lol Grell at the end oh my my my Bassy you’re terrifying. 😂😂😂😂

  17. Poongi Karivalavan says:

    Sebastian’s English voice actor sounds like Tomoe’s English voice actor
    from Kamisama Kiss

  18. cutie lovely123 says:

    Think about it rin, from free, could be the love child of sebestian and
    grell. Just saying 😅

  19. VictorianDemonica says:

    You know Sebastian is pissed when even Ciel is like ‘oh hell….he’s gonna
    kill us!!!!’

  20. Freddy Fazgal says:

    Can I just say grell made the whole show better by showing up

  21. Phatlai Ku says:

    Broke my replay button and
    I cracked up every time

  22. Byakugan Queen says:

    Not going to lie, but I was so scared at the ending too!😭😭😭

  23. The Cheshire Cat says:

    where on earth did you find this and how is it in english X3
    i could have sworn funimation didnt dub this episode.

  24. Alma Sanchez says:


  25. 0:52 that eybrow..😂😂😝😝

  26. Pandalol snuffs says:

    Ciel’s eyepatch is on the wrong side!!!!!!! It’s driving me INSANE 😖

  27. Shinko Nikkō says:

    “My my Bassy! You’re terrifying!”
    Me: 😂omigawd

  28. Liam Mcdaniel says:

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