Russell Brand’s Singing Lessons – The Graham Norton Show – Series 11 Episode 10 – BBC One

Discover all about Russell Brand’s Singing Lessons – The Graham Norton Show – Series 11 Episode 10 – BBC One by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Russell Brand’s Singing Lessons – The Graham Norton Show – Series 11 Episode 10 – BBC One.

More about this programme: The BAFTA-winning host continues his unique talk show. Graham is joined by controversial actor and comedian Russell Brand, currently starring in the Rock of Ages movie; actress Emily Blunt, talking about new film The Five Year Engagement; singer Paloma Faith, who chats and performs her single Picking Up the Pieces.

41 thoughts on “Russell Brand’s Singing Lessons – The Graham Norton Show – Series 11 Episode 10 – BBC One

  1. is it just me or was Russell not very happy on the show

  2. pennydesouza says:

    “old bean”, “middle England” – something tells me that you’re not Russell
    Brand’s target audience…

  3. eezysqueezy says:

    Russell is depressed as fuck here. Really down. Can’t you all see that?

  4. Serianabella says:

    Paloma Faith looks a wee bit like Billie Piper.

  5. Qube Goodie says:

    yo shorty has some wicked gnarly hair – super cool!

  6. Pamela Martin says:

    Why do celebrities wait stupid hair like polams!?!

  7. Ethan Gingell says:

    Paloma Faith <3 Russel Brand is a dick.

  8. speedysnail2 says:

    Russell ruined that interview coz he had a go at graham for asking about
    Katy perry an said graham made his mum cry and I think it was awkward after

  9. OneDirection044 says:

    what did katy see in him…..

  10. NillaVision says:

    It’s really annoying that people are saying that Russell isn’t funny as if
    it is fact, the ones who say it’s just their opinion are okay because then
    at least it is accepting that it’s okay if someone disagrees.

  11. Nathan Forester says:

    Russell sounds like Inspector Gadget when he’s doing that impression of the
    big guy with the white hair.

  12. Jerry Shen says:

    The “blowjaaaaab” guy is Ron Anderson. He taught a lot of famous singers
    like Usher, Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, Anthony Kiedis so on
    and so forth. Pretty amazing guy.

  13. Avózinha Xis Dê says:

    what the fuck is wrong with that woman’s hair? (sorry for not knowing the

  14. Johnny Mits says:

    paloma faith. search her up, you’ll be surprised

  15. Also Bjork, Axl Rose, Cedric Bixler Zavala of The Mars Volta, and countless
    others AAAND he used to race cars with Freddie Mercury 🙂

  16. Mya Papaya says:

    You gotta get singin’ lessons off this bloke. I laughed so hard… 

  17. Brendonmakesmesmile says:

    LOL my mom is a singing teacher and she does the angry baby exercise all
    the time…

  18. Mitch McLooney says:

    So, I’ve been watching Russell Brand talk show interviews and one thing I
    have come to understand is that American television is very prude.

    Thank you BBC for putting Graham Norton on Youtube :)

  19. Tashi wangdü says:

    he does look a bit like JAred Leto !!

  20. Alicia Kamecka says:

    Russell is the hottest guy on Earth. Period

  21. I don’t mind a Blowjooooooob…

  22. Herman Williams III says:

    “I don’t want to undermine the eventual blowjob” LOL!!

  23. kickboxer says:

    Never liked RB never will I regret the fact that he’s British. A total

  24. chow sookchan says:

    Is it just me or does Russell Brand sounds like Alfie aka a youtuber named

  25. More Cowbell says:

    Did Brand mug Motlue Crue’s wardrobe?

  26. Honest Customer says:

    Russell looks like weird al 👀

  27. Bhargavi Natarajan says:

    He would make a good Joker

  28. Eduardo Foley says:

    Once they’re singing in G, one other congratulations, and have them maintain singing.

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