Rock Singing – How To Scream – Michael Barnes from RED – Part 1

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Michael Barnes, lead singer of the Grammy nominated rock band RED, gives some rock and screaming tips on how he gets the perfect rock scream. He goes into detail of the Singing Success techniques he uses to protect his voice when screaming during his intense tour schedule.

Check out some of Michael’s screaming in RED’s latest music video, Feed The Machine – .

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41 thoughts on “Rock Singing – How To Scream – Michael Barnes from RED – Part 1

  1. TheUnholy AsianDude666 says:

    I’ve been doing scream vocals for exactly 6 years and I have a very bad stamina when I perform on stage, I’m a very sporty person, I play sports and stuff to get fit. So what does that means? I just need tips on how to have stamina while screaming on stage.

  2. nerdy _posta says:

    This is why I never listen to heavy metal. You guys sound like you stepped on a big nail. Its just annoying to me. Hope you guys feel better.

  3. Principality of Zeon says:

    Honestly I prefer Clean vocals with a strong Diaphragm range. Enforcer,Satan,Heavy load,Prying mantis,Jaguar, Angel witch and Iron maiden are good examples also Hair metal like ICon,Krank, Ana black or Crue.

  4. Kevin Ortega-Diaz says:

    Whether you like them or not, he has amazing voice

  5. Krizzly.thereal says:

    micheal and jimmie strimmel scream gods

  6. Skydiving Upwards says:

    Thanks, Tore my voice and I’m trying to rebuild it for my band. This Channel and your coaching has helped! Also,make sure to check our channel out, were working on some songs, Solos, covers. – J from Skydiving Upwards

  7. Brian Johnson says:

    Id try this but my voice might still be changing

  8. eric cartman says:

    155 grams of protein a day!? I’m vegan so i’m already well aware of my protein intake but… how do you handle… the protein farts? Or does that just not happen to some people? Does your body adjust to that amount of protein eventually? Any tips for that?

  9. Suzy Kehrley says:

    I want to learn how to scream like Lacey from Flyleaf. any tips?

  10. Dan Nobles says:

    This video is too advanced for me, I need the very basics of *how*– BUT I’m glad I got to hear RED, I think the music in this video is awesome. And, the vocals are great. Totally representative of what I’m shooting for.

  11. Ahmad Zulfadhli says:

    I want to scream like M.Shadow

  12. Ahmad Zulfadhli says:

    How to sing like M.Shadow from a7x

  13. prxncessvaleria says:

    hi, i am an alto female.. and id like to learn to sing rock songs properly.. without hurting my throat, straining.. or if you have any tips..

  14. sha-d paul says:

    I can sing using my screaming voice, is that a big deal or can all metal vocalists do that?

  15. MegaboltPhoenix says:

    I am a quiet person, barely talk at all (in front of people), so when I scream I squeal, making this high pitched sound that is more like a whisper but kinda fails at times. I have a good singing voice, but do you think I can still sing medal using my scream (squeal)?

  16. Gemma Clement says:

    Protein is good for men yes, but women aren’t built to process more than 40 grams of preotein in a day

  17. Excess protein literally does nothing for you, it’s just another expense. Eat as much protein as your body requires, no more, no less. I’ve studied the subject thoroughly.

  18. alvin mittalortega says:

    Can indonesia subtitle please… 🙂

  19. Im barely starting to scream to songs like Mudvayne, Slipknot, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, and after like 15 min of screaming what I’ve notice is that once i get to sing high notes my vocals starts messing up idk how exactly to say it but i doesn’t sound clear any reasons why its happening?

  20. sobster123 says:

    What’s this singing or fakin dieting?!

  21. Peter Parker / Spider-Man says:

    Micheal is always awesome

  22. this video should be titled “How to Prep to scream”

  23. Alec Fisher says:

    hydrate you’re vocal chords?… nothing contracts the vocal chords

  24. Fits Fitserton says:

    So basically in order to scream you need to eat like.a bodybuilder. Got it!

  25. Jonas Jacobson says:

    He also uses a mic that helps him scream

  26. TsepiVanUmbilo says:

    shit, needed this a year ago lol

  27. Chad Weaver says:

    Im new to this so sorry if youve already answered this question but, what i wanna know is how do i learn to build up to screaming cause when im singing high notes its sounds ok but its kinda quiet how do i fix that?

  28. Ireana Nevels says:

    This video was useful. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I want to get started learning screaming. What are some exercises can I do to warm up before screaming? And how do I scream safely? Thank you.

  29. Leon Dragneel says:

    I want to know how to contract my voice

  30. “get as mutch sleep as possible”
    watches this at night

  31. joseph smith says:

    I needed this 2 years ago when my dumbass did a cover of stinkin park and went into a viceral scream on 2 hours of sleep.

  32. orionsector says:

    One of my favorite singers. Phenomenal voice. I don’t care for the screaming though.

  33. Unfortunately you can’t get all this information from an article, or from random singing videos.

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