Rock Singing 101: Grit, Rasp, and Screaming Correctly (Part 6 of 7)

Discover all about Rock Singing 101: Grit, Rasp, and Screaming Correctly (Part 6 of 7) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Rock Singing 101: Grit, Rasp, and Screaming Correctly (Part 6 of 7).
Sing with power. Scream without strain. Use grit effortlessly. This is what we do at Rock Singing Lessons. Get control over your voice.

These videos are aimed at helping you understand the basics of proper vocal placement and technique. For serious students who want to quickly overcome the limitations in your voice, request a lesson at .

11 thoughts on “Rock Singing 101: Grit, Rasp, and Screaming Correctly (Part 6 of 7)

  1. Diamond Dawg says:

    Looks like legit lesson. You’ve just got a new subscriber. Cheers!

  2. Really cool man. I hit subscribe so fast! Would love to see videos where you go through an exercise for range development or whatever but that you actually sing the whole time. The voice changes as it goes higher and lower and so many naff teachers on here just say: this is the nay nay exercise…do it once and then just play the piano up the keys.
    I don’t want to copy a piano plus it’s impossible. Learning to sing is as much about mimicry as anything else and having the human voice generate a sound proficiently makes learning far easier.

  3. This is an extremely detailed and awesome lesson, man.

  4. Thank you! This has been so much more helpful than other videos I’ve seen on the same topics.

  5. Kevin Ashe says:

    Most excellent lesson Draven! One of the best I’ve seen on this technique! I had to figure this out through experimentation. Back in the day, this technique was not known/taught by many vocal coaches! Having learned through “experimentation,” I don’t advise it!!!! Damage can occur! Much easier to get guidance to perfect it safely with someone who “knows how!” Thank you Sir!

  6. arm nakornthab says:

    Does it feel scratchy around a soft palate? I usually have post nasal phlegm so I clear my upper throat (not deep inside throat) and I think that might be the way??

  7. PlayHarmony says:

    I did your technique and in just a couple seconds of trying i figured out what area i should focus on. No pain, nothing but excitement for how it will sound a couple weeks from now, thanks dude!

  8. singwisevocals says:

    Excellent tutorial! You’ve given me hope that I might one day be able to sing with distortion. 🙂

  9. Matthew Mcnabb says:

    In the first part of the video when you talk about adding grit, is that using fry or false chords? I know you said that when you get into the mixed voice you are using the fry, just wanting to know the difference or if there is one for adding grit at different pitches.

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