Reaction to Duncan winner Eurovision 2019 by an opera singer - Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer

Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer

Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer - Discover all about Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer.

How did Duncan Laurence, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2019, do vocally? My analysis of his live and final performance of the song Arcade.

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47 thoughts on “Reaction to Duncan, winner Eurovision 2019, by an opera singer”

  1. Being from Israel and teaching voice in Amsterdam, the coincidence of the situation wasn’t lost on me 🙂

  2. LOLOL which part of SONG did you not understand? His singing skills, nor those of the actual singers hidden from view, are of no relevance whatsoever. Obviously you are confused by that scripted reality show The Voice, that looks for the loudest screamer, something La Laurence may apply for as he has as much emotion in his voice as in his eyes, none whatsoever.

  3. Thank you for your video. About his voice… If you would watch more performances you would see that the vibrato is purely nerves to my opinion, because he sings really spot on in 99 percent of his performances, even while sitting at the piano. I’ve been in love with his voice and song since I first heard it, and that only happened to me a little with the song of his coach in 2014 “Calm after the storm” which then ended second after Conchita.

  4. Thank you from the Netherlands , i think you must coach him , so he can be even better, we are very proud here after such a long time without a win, see you in the Netherlands next year, Israel did an amazing job it was an amazing show, i hope we can do it just as good in Holland next year!!

  5. That’s a nice reaction to Duncan 😎 (PS: Adina Aaron comes to sing in The Netherlands Januari next year to sing with the “Noord Nederlands Orkest” for the “Niewjaarsconcert”👀)

  6. if he did not make comin out about his bisexuality, he wouldnt win and u would have judged another freak…. in what mad world are we livin…gosh save us

  7. why you stop all the time? you should watch all his performance and Reaction it and after it and you can speak after that ..will be somuch better !

  8. The song was anything but impressive and he wasn’t particularly good either. I have no idea how this won but then ESC has been trash for ages.

  9. Duncan is a graduated vocal coach from the pop academy in Tilburg we first got to know him from the voice then he started to study.

  10. I know that a while ago you reacted to Elvis singing peace in the valley, but I would like you to react to Elvis singing What now my love, it is an amazing vocal performance

  11. Unhealthy singing in my opinion…if he has to perform over 30 minutes his voice will be away…well ESC

  12. I’m not a vocalist, i am a soundengineer.
    Duncan opens up his posture during the song and he also needed that dynamic space for his microphonetechnique. He is a true professional singing his headvoice over the microphone. He turns away to make tastfull dynamics. No harsh sounds…
    The light in his face is an important showelement, a story…

  13. I really like it live more. Especially when he sings ‘i don’t need your games, game over’ cause live he kinda slows it down. I dunno. I just like it when he does it.

  14. You want emotion ? THEN YOU MUST WATCH EUROVISION 2007 WINNER SERBIA- MOLITVA ! The most emotional Eurovision song !!!

  15. Whit in 16 hours, Mental Theo made a Dutch dancesong of Arcade. Look at You Tube Mental Theo Arcade.

  16. i enjoyed watching you vid and i totally agree with you…very beautiful song and great performance. thanks for that and greets from germany.

  17. ty for you review <3 My guess is, he chose sitting behind a piano to feel more safe, which I can imagine having to sing for millions of people.He may have done better standing up but I understand the compromise and hey, he won in spite of it all. In my humble opinion a song contest should be about the song and the singer and not too much about the performance, well not an overwhelming one. Music is art and should touch the soul and this one did it for me.

  18. Could you react to the song from Australia ‘Zero Gravity’ by Kate Miller-Heidke, also from Eurovision this year. The song it’s a mix of pop and opera.

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