R&B Licks for Beginners Lesson 1

Discover all about R&B Licks for Beginners Lesson 1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here R&B Licks for Beginners Lesson 1.

Here is PART I of “Licks for Beginners.” If you already have chopped like Kim Burrell, then this is NOT for you. Through this series, I will help even the most soul-less singers find their inner Allen Stones and hidden Whitneys. GO SLOW, enjoy the moment and really perfect one lesson before moving to the next part. Yes, it’s tedious. But there is no “silver bullet” to kill your inner “whitey.” It’s a process. A journey, if you will. Let’s go! YAY SINGING IS FUN!!!

42 thoughts on “R&B Licks for Beginners Lesson 1

  1. Angelina “Princess” Knight says:

    Great video, got it down.

  2. jessica wallace says:

    You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for posting these videos!

  3. Chantl Mcclary says:

    XD the way he teaches like he can see us lol but he does teach good 

  4. Curtis Jackson says:

    your way of teaching is awesome!

  5. deborahcolvin64 says:


  6. GetRight Workoutplan says:

    Awesome MAN! I felt like a reborn RandB singer, well at least for a
    second. I am going to keep practicing. Great advice and amazing voice.

  7. Andy Dlamini says:

    hahaha awesome, it’s like am there…

  8. KingoftheJungle says:

    This guy is amazing, just learned something new in a few mins

  9. Elijah Solomon says:

    “poppin’ it on the butt”

  10. Ray Rhythm says:

    damn, this is rly good! thanks man

  11. Johann Sauvage says:

    thanks man, muy buen video

  12. Heeung Lee says:

    i definitely feel i am right there with you. awesome lesson!

  13. Oscar Mira says:

    amazing… you are so sharing and giving.. indeed the meaning of music is
    what you are doing…sharing your knowledge… God bless you !

  14. Red Devil says:

    just wow..i love yr voice ….great job n lesson

  15. MASTERED!! this was such a great video!

  16. Smoking Kush (420) says:

    I’m trying to be the next PartyNextDoor lmao

  17. Anthony Palomino says:

    Dude you are awesome. Seriously helped, you don’t understand how much this
    changed me.

  18. Rockiss Thokar says:

    it was really helpful. .thanks

  19. Rockiss Thokar says:

    i like the way u teach bro!!

  20. Mark Louie Ramirez says:

    I love how you teach. This is what I really need!

  21. KardBored Box says:

    Hey, I’m glad I ended up here at this video! Thanks for this upload! I
    really like your teaching style. I feel like at a training/workout, and
    that is the kind of discipline vocal exercises need. Cheers, man!

  22. Danel Baclaan says:

    Ammah SUBSCRIBBBAAAHHHHH!!! eheh thanks ,

  23. DeadlockVendetta Gaming says:

    Nice tutorial. i feel like im at a training :D

  24. abeer ahmad says:

    VocalEdgeTV my voice is kind of creepy still.

  25. COMPOSER4FILMZ says:

    Yous a bad white boy!!!!!!!

  26. B E A Uuuuuuutiful!! I love this.

  27. DemonChild XHSP says:

    This is the first video i see from your channel, i have to say your
    teaching skills are incredible

  28. What’s another word for licks? I feel like I want to research this more,
    but I can’t find much on this

  29. love your videos…so informative & fun…

  30. Maria Norris says:

    However, do bear in mind that it’s not simply the mere motion of singing that gives you all these well being advantages, but correct singing that do.

  31. Natalie Bass says:

    There’s some tricks that we just learn with time and teachers can pass it to you in a better way/moment.

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