Quick Tip – Singing Lesson on Volume – Two Essential Tips!

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Two Essential Keys to Good Volume and Dynamics in Singing

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Dynamics, or changes in volume while singing, never go out of style. In this instructional singing video I take you through two key concepts to help you use dynamics effectively in singing songs. If you practice these two key concepts you’ll find that you have much better control of the phrases in your singing.

In the first singing exercise we take a look at legato phrasing and how to achieve it by working to maintain a sustained ‘e’ vowel sound while phrasing through some consonants. You can always try another vowel instead of ‘e’ but I like that one for starters.

In the second singing exercise we deal with the concept of volume as it relates to the range of your voice. In popular music forms, when melody lines ascend, it is generally advisable to make a crescendo. In other words, get a little louder as you sing up. This must come from airflow and opennes in the throat though! The singing exercise for this offers a good start, though again, feel free to experiment with other vowels!

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    Jeff, what exactly were the 2 tips? Maybe I missed something. Were the tips
    the exercises? Thank you.

  2. lorenzo scott says:

    You have Good, straight to the point videos. Keep them up…..!!

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