Professional singing lesson – Soprano Range High Note Preparation

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An exercise to work on matching resonances between vowel sounds as one nears the passaggio (break) of their voice. I like this exercise a lot for many reasons. First, it’s pretty straightforward to learn, and is extremely flexible. You can use it for any combination of vowels or lengthen the exercise to incorporate more vowel changes. This exercise is good as a warm up and is also good to practice working through the passaggio, though the intention with this video is to take you right up to it, without making the transition. Be sensitive to your own voice and where the transition occurs! Learn more, get in touch or ask questions through youtube’s message system or at:

4 thoughts on “Professional singing lesson – Soprano Range High Note Preparation

  1. Tanya Porras says:

    can you do excerises on falsetto

  2. marilou sadd says:

    this was fantastic for me. i know that  the one i did was for tenors, but it was perfect for me. please tell me what range we were working in.
    thank you

  3. marilou sadd says:

    my comment ust disappeared. what range did you use for the soprano exercise. for the first time i had no trouble singing soprano.

  4. Ritva LaFlower says:

    I sing as a first soprano in my church choir. I often have to go up to an F. I’m looking for a warmup video that goes a bit higher than this video (which is excellent, btw). I really like what you have for videos, I just need to take it to the next level and have something I can practice to. Any suggestions where I might find something?

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