Professional singing lesson – Alto range breathing and warm up

Discover all about Professional singing lesson – Alto range breathing and warm up by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Professional singing lesson – Alto range breathing and warm up.

This video’s exercise works on coordinating the breath with vocal fold adduction. Great as a warm up, but worth doing repeatedly to increase proficiency with vowel changes and range development.

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7 thoughts on “Professional singing lesson – Alto range breathing and warm up

  1. Jitske Trijntje says:

    If I close the false folds with power (like sitting in the bathroom,
    whatever you do there, you know) in between the exercises, the tone comes
    much easier and clearer.
    I do this exercise with my teacher (or otherway round), but not with the
    power aspect persé, solely open-half open- almost closed(no sound, little
    bit of hissing, full hissing sound, be good aware that you did not close
    the folds themselves), by reason of being concious that those barriers are
    there and that they can be of a hassle. (ee vowel opens false folds,, the
    yawn). I shortened the ex. and fully close them, with force (toiletwise) It
    is as if some muscles are getting stronger, which I cannot figger out yet,
    it has definately a positive effect on making the clear sound: no false
    folds hindering! Thanks for the fine long pianoplay/ex, gives time to
    practice and train…the muscles again.

  2. Eva Corso says:

    I watch your videos to get warmed up, very helpful and shows me where I can
    go in regards to higher and lower notes.

  3. I can not believe I was able to sing all the notes. :O Yayyy

  4. Boo Kenjii says:

    I feel like I am in an actual lesson with you and not over a computer
    screen. I can tell you really love doing this and I love watching these
    videos, thank you so much for doing these. They are quite helpful!

  5. George Christensen says:

    If you’re looking for affordable, tailor-made singing, piano or songwriting lessons from an extremely experienced teacher – you’ve come to the right place!

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