Pro Beginner Singing Lesson – Sustained singing

Discover all about Pro Beginner Singing Lesson – Sustained singing by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Pro Beginner Singing Lesson – Sustained singing.

This singing lesson for beginners is a gentle introduction to the idea of keeping air flowing consistently through consonants and vowels.

My name is Jeff Rolka, you can learn more about me or get information about lessons in person or via Skype at:

To keep our voices healthy and our tone consistent, we have to learn to keep air moving consistently wherever we are in our range. This video is a good start to learning that. You can sing along to quite a few scales with exercises that I’ve found help center our vowel sounds and keep us moving air through the consonants as well.

Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Pro Beginner Singing Lesson – Sustained singing

  1. Juan Pablo Pino Arauz (Trauko) says:

    Hey thanks for another great video any chance to explain the Gospel and R&B
    technique ,with the best breathing choice …..thanks again 

  2. rakamadafaka900 says:

    Jeff im doing this beginner exersises one week already.I’ve noticed
    improvement,my question is should i continue doing this exersises from
    beginer playlist or should i switch to some other playlist?If so what
    playlist do u recommend for me to do?

  3. Thanks a lot! I would like to contribute as I am using these videos for a
    few weeks now. How can we do that?

  4. Ashim Thapa says:

    Jeff just a small query….for how long should i be continuing to do these
    beginner lessons?

  5. Payton Quinn says:

    They must first study the basics, after which continue perfecting their expertise.

  6. While it’s nice to have music in the background, be sure to actually take note of the phrases if you want to study one thing beyond simply having the ability to hum the tune!

  7. Singing is something that we can all enjoy, on whatever level we happen to be at, with this video, my intent was to provide a means for new vocalists to take the first step in beginning to train their voices and establish good airflow.

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