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overtone singing is a voice technique where it seems like one person sings two notes at the same time. You can sing the overtone scale on one fundamental. Another fundamental has its own overtone scale, so in order to have more overtones to sing nice melodies, you can use different fundamentals and change them while singing.

this video is live, and every human being is capable of learning overtone singing 😉

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41 thoughts on “polyphonic overtone singing – Anna-Maria Hefele

  1. すごい! モンゴルに伝わる発声法のホーミーと同じ発生法? それにしても音程をコントロール出来るなんて!

  2. i feel like i abuse my voice a lot that now i notice there is 2 pitch exist
    in my singing voice. i tried google around if i actually damage my vocal
    cords but i landed on this video.. i feel like wtf???! lol!!

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