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People trying to sing Ariana Grande’s ‘No Tears Left To Cry’
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Covers in order:

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  1. LeakGrande says:

    All links to the covers in the description!
    Who’s the best one for you?

    1. Moonlight_Ari says:

      Red official, Tera brite and Jess Jackson

    2. Yuware Nathanlee says:

      LeakGrande it me the girl with this fan account ari_ana_four_live

  2. CutiepieAri Grande says:

    No actually Ariana grande did

  3. Wanrilang Marwein says:

    The girl the rock genre is awesome

  4. JustAnna MSP says:

    Jess Jackson is the best for me !

  5. Octavio V says:

    Jess Jackson was far superior to all of them lol

  6. Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf says:

    Omg.. the dane and stephanie cover sounds like actual death

  7. اسم إرهابي says:

    Damnnnn Jess Jackson hands down the best

  8. Jess Jackson sounds a little bit more like Ari.. but, Ari still the best tho

  9. people “trying” to sing? these people have amazing voices unlike you. honestly. for fucks sake, there’s so many people that can sing better than ariana grande. you’re just a fan of her that’s over exaggerating. honestly she’s overrated in my opinion.

  10. I made a cover of this on my instagram and it would be really cool if people could check it out!

  11. j a c k i e says:

    They all have their own style of music which is great because it’s not like the original.

  12. The jess jackson girl was really good

  13. the only dude says:

    a very nice collection of autotuned covers

  14. Fancy Lyrics says:

    Jess Jackson she’s killing it with her voice 😍

  15. 2:45 Jess Jackson💕 Never heard of her, But I love her voice❣️Its so soft yet so strong💕💕

  16. Francesdanae says:

    Ill be ppating my cover soon! Subscribe to stay tuned! Ill also be doing a makeup tutorial

  17. kaiya the jawn says:

    I’m weak it just came out and covers already out😂

  18. i prefer those who dont use the auto tune and use their raw voice they sound 10x better without it

  19. my fav one was Tera Brite’s >>> 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. Heavenly Smiles says:

    Jess is da best!!!!👌😊😘

  21. Ayesha Tube!! says:

    The Last one was maybe the closest

  22. ANimE MaSTer says:

    In my opinion the girl Jess did the best.(if you don’t agree don’t reply talking bout notes, technique, or whatever bc I won’t know wtf your talking about.I know nothing bout that)

  23. BeKindKendall says:

    the best is at 0:07-0:21. like if you agree

  24. Amanda Cupcake says:

    When you actually hear the words for the first time

  25. Shantel Jean-charles says:

    They are all good..but i like Red Official the best!(2nd one)

  26. Charli Clark says:

    The first one sucks cause the AUTO TUNE

  27. Janay Amber says:

    my fav was red official and kid travis 😍

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