Paying Professional Musicians To Sing Dumb Lyrics (Dad)

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41 thoughts on “Paying Professional Musicians To Sing Dumb Lyrics (Dad)

  1. RootBear Bitch says:

    i cant wait for the simpleflips musical

  2. Jelly Man says:

    This is amazing plz do it with 1, 2 oatmeal and dad 2

  3. One of the most beautiful experiences you can have in this life.

  4. You shoudl do this again, and write a crappy original song that someone can make good


  6. Im not about too you gay but ima make you pay

  7. christian hernandez says:

    Get the original 12 oatmeal singer to do a live rendition of 12 oatmeal

  8. Benjamin Richter says:

    This is my favorite song so I’m very happy to see it has returned to bless us once more

  9. Dyan Reyes says:

    Simpleflips I’m glad that I found your youtube channel every video younmake makes me happy I hope you reach 100k

  10. Nasa confirmed despacito 2? Nah, SimpleFlips did.

  11. Ethan Schaller says:

    This is legendary – 69/1, 2 oatmeals

  12. AceAeraki says:

    the second-hand embarrassment is real

  13. Do more of this dumb shit, this is freaking hilarious 👌

  14. Lanky Kong says:

    i don’t want a family reunion cause that means that i have to meet every person on this channel, including team weeb

  15. The piano guy’s vocals were distorting cuz his mic gain was too high

  16. twoteesful says:

    You are going down a path I cannot follow. The quality is just too high.

  17. Loved it! Please do it again! See how silly you can get with the requests?

  18. Tmantaloupe says:

    This was great do more. Spend more money for us dad.

  19. This was AWESOME! I’d love to see more of this

  20. I would absolutely love to see more of this. I enjoyed it probably more than I should’ve and would love to see some singers sing “1, 2, Oatmeal”.

  21. AnimoBirb says:

    that bomb clip fail compilation is so relatable lmao

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