Gabriela Gunčíková – How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ronnie James Dio / Gabriela Gunčíková / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin Student Gabriela Guncikova Had The Guts To Take On One Of The Most Powerful Rock Vocalists Of All Time.

Ronnie James Dio – One of the most respected names in all of Rock History! Known for his powerful voice, his wide range, and his dynamic emotional expression, Ronnie was a key factor in the Heavy Classic Rock movement of the seventies. Few vocalists dare to attempt his music, because no one will ever replace Ronnie.

Today, we re-present a medley of Ronnie’s songs by an amazing female vocalist, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s Gabriela Gunčíková.
Many aspiring female vocalists may think that genres originally presented by male vocals are not an option for you.

Gabriela proves that you can take on any song you want to sing, if you train properly for it. Listen, and let the Proof be in the Singing!

Ronnie James Dio. A True Legend! Learn to Sing the way you’ve always wanted to at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!