Singing Lesson Testimonial / Kevin Richards / RPM Vocal Studio

Singing Lesson Testimonial / Kevin Richards / RPM Vocal Studio

RPM Vocal Studios and Berklee student Jonathan Richter talks about his short time with Master Vocal Coach Kevin Richards and the long term results he achieved using the Zen Singing method.

Results ARE typical. You can expect the same results in short periods of time with Kevin Richards using the Zen Singing Method.

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Singing Lessons for Beginners – Female Voices

Singing lesson for new singers. Female voices. That being said, all voices are different. If you find that an exercise is too high or too low, just wait a moment until it’s in a comfortable range again.

If you’ve ever wanted to sing or if you’ve been told that you can’t sing it can help to begin very slowly and with exercises that are easy to hear the different notes in.

This singing lesson is similar to what I would work with someone on if they had no prior singing experience at all or had had some difficulties in the past and needed to start by matching notes with me and going on from there.

Singing is something that we can all enjoy, on whatever level we happen to be at, with this video, my intent was to provide a means for new vocalists to take the first step in beginning to train their voices and establish good airflow. Please get in touch if any questions come up!

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