Learn how to sing scat! MUSIC LESSON 116 SCAT SINGING IS FUN! Prim up your singing ! LEARN TO SCAT!

Scatting is a style of singing where the singer substitutes nonsense syllables for the words of the song.

This was first done a long time ago when musicians applied it to jazz and blues. It’s a talent for entertainers and an indispensible technique for musicians who use it to express their compositions when improvising.

Here are your instructions.

FIRST OF ALL look at this YouTube Video and get the picture.

OK WHATS THE DEAL? Your assignment – Be able to create new syllables over the melody meaning substitute new words for the lyrics of the song.
What words? Nonsense words only! words that do not have real meaning. Let’s call these jazz words. koodle-dee-doo .. zaba-doo-wah ! ! ! How do you create jazz words?

Choose two consonants (such as “Z” and “D”.) Then add vowels, such as “ee” or “oo”. That’s the simplest way to create jazzy, non-sensical “scat” words. You can also add another consonant after the vowel so that “zee” becomes “zeep”, and “koo” becomes “kooz” etc.

Create 1-syllable jazz words : For example, Ra, Jee, Mo, Zuh, etc.

Then create two-syllable jazz words: Za-Dee, Doo-Dah Zoo-doo, Dee-day. Doo-dee, etc.

Vowel sounds can be written in different ways; i.e. “u” or “oo”, “e” or “eh”; “ae” or “ay”, etc.

Finally, create 3-syllable jazz words, starting and stopping with any consonant you choose.

Here are some scat words ~ using consonants Z, D and B

dee do do-we do-de do dah doo-be doop do-do do dap do-wap du-wah du-wop du-bop do-baba do-zazza dip-ee dip-dip dip-bip dip-ou dip-poo du-wop be-bop be doo be-woo bee beep bebop be-wee be-beep za za-bah Za boo Za baba Za booza Za bazza Zuh doop Boo zabba Boo babba Boo zazza boo zoo boo-dip boo-boo zip-pee zip-poo zoo-pee Zoo bop zoo zoup za-bazza zoo-bazza

Say these words over and over and have them on the tip of your tongue. Say/sing them over and over. Mix them up choose some from one line and mix them with some from another line. Have them so you’re fluent with them. (This may take you a few days 🙂

Here’s how you get the lyrics to songs ! Google for the name of the song, followed by lyrics e.g.: somewhere over the rainbow lyrics.

Then go to and put the name of your song in the search.

Nice! You have your song and you have the words now start the song, sing the words, then replace the words with your scat words and have funll!

Now check these examples ~

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Expert: Amelia Maciszewski
Bio: Amelia Maciszewski has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, and has been performing Hindustani music for over 20 years.