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Voice & Singing Lessons : Extreme Vocal Warm Up

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You can use these vocal exercises for your daily vocal warm up and gradually practice all the way through your vocal range (starting from the center note of your voice). You may sing the exercises using various vowel and consonant combinations, depending the goals you set each time (e.g. breath management, even and beautiful tone production, vocal placement and resonance, range development, articulation etc.).

00:00 Introduction

00:47 Exercise 1 – ‘Closed Mouth (Bouche Fermée)’

TIP: We focus on a ‘legato line’ when singing each phrase,
like we are keeping the notes connected in a ‘sound chain’!

02:41 Exercise 2 — ‘Two Note Scale’

TIP: We can practice this in different vowels and syllables,
always focucing at ‘legato line’ and good articulation!

04:52 Exercise 3 — ‘Portamento’

TIP: We practice ‘sliding’ smoothly at 5th interval, ‘tying’
and not ‘hitting’ the notes. Full breathing support is crucial!

06:47 Exercise 4 — ‘Staccato’

TIP: An arpeggio of staccato notes, focusing on tonal precision
and ‘staccato quality’. Observe how your abs participate!

The following are part of my originally created exercises,
perfect for practice singing these ‘exotic’ intervals!
(based on Scales used mainly in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Music).

08:18 Exercise 5 — ‘Five Note Scale’

TIP: Here, we sing a pure legato phrase. Don’t forget to breathe
properly each time, and stay focused on ‘beauty of your sound’!

11:12 Exercise 6 — ‘Legato with Ornaments’

TIP: I often sing this at the end of Vocal Warm Up to relax.
Remember the previous Tips and …. Sing it from your Soul!

NOTE: These videos are for demonstration purposes only. All vocal exercises should be performed according to your personal needs under the guidance of your vocal coach, in order to gradually develop and master your vocal technique in a safe, natural way!

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Best wishes, Minoas
Singer – Voice & Singing Coach

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