My Vocal Progress – Learning To Sing (voice transformation) Before and After

I started learning to sing right after my 18th birthday. I turned 20 on March 21st, 2016. Anyone can learn to sing well if they put in the effort.
I still have a long way to go, but now my progress is obvious and it’s very motivating. UPDATE- I uploaded my first full vocal cover here- It’s Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon.
The song I sing is a section of the bridge from Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon.

Singing Success Review | Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES) Singing Lessons

CHVRCHES Lauren Mayberry: Singing Success Review –
Learn about Singing Success:

“Hi, my name is Lauren Mayberry and I play in the band called CHVRCHES.

I first met Brett in autumn time 2014 and I went for one in person lesson in Nashville and since then I’ve been doing Skype lessons and using the program at home.

I find it really useful, it’s really changed not the style of my voice but it’s changed the way that I sing, the way I’m able to sing.

When I tried previous lessons with people or previous programs I’d listen to at home, I feel like they were trying to change the kind of singing that I did. Like, sounding like you’re good a musical theatre wouldn’t work in what we’re doing. And I didn’t want someone to try and change how my voice works I just wanted to be able to use it better.

I think in those other situations, the exercises were just warming up the voice within the limits I already had. Whereas I feel like since I started using the Singing Success Program () and working with Brett I really learned so much more about my voice and what it can do and it’s really opened up all kinds of avenues for us in terms of writing and live performances. It’s taken away some anxiety from that. I think it’s just made me feel more confident and maybe I would actually call myself a singer, whereas I would never have done that previously.

I think it’s just really interesting to just push yourself and stretch your voice in that way but know that it’s safe and you’re not going to damage the instrument. I have to thank Brett and Singing Success for that. I would recommend it a lot.”