Singing Lessons – Modulations Tenor Range – Ear Training

Equal parts vocalization and ear training. Popular music very commonly tonicizes (modulates for a short period of time) different notes taken from the principal key area. In this singing lesson I’ve written a short chord progression during which we tonicize the chord built from the fourth scale degree. This particular type of tonicization (modulation) is very common in popular music, and is a useful practice in our singing lessons to become comfortable with both melodically and harmonically. If you want to learn more about me:

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Singing Lessons – Lesson 11 (Vocal Agility)

Welcome to Lesson 11 — Vocal Agility.

Vocal agility is the ability to sing a group or succession of notes rapidly.

This skill requires that you combine many different areas of your vocal technique such as breath control, clarity of tone, LOADS of energy — particularly on descending phrases – and complete freedom from tension – not just in your vocal region but throughout your entire body.

As you sing through the following exercises, please don’t be concerned if the delineation or articulation of each individual note isn’t clear.

These exercises will strengthen the muscles used to create awesome, sharply articulated runs. All you need to do is practice consistently!

This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

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Lesson 11 Content:

11.0 – Introduction
11.1 – Exercise #1 – Fast Count
11.2 – Exercise #2 – Mee
11.3 – Exercise #3 – Triplets
11.4 – Exercise #4 – Fast Scale
11.5 – Intro to Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.6 – Tutorial on Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.7 – Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.8 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 11 here: Link Coming Soon 🙂