How to Sing Like Ariana Grande: How to Find Your Vocal Range

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How to Sing Like Ariana Grande: How to Find Your Vocal Range

Knowing what notes you can’t hit is as important as knowing which notes you can. Wanna know how to sing like Ariana Grande?After you learn how to find your vocal range, you’ll be on your way

It’s Guy Lockard here again with some important singing tips to help you learn How to Sing Better. Last week I mentioned that we’d be going over a few techniques that singers like Ariana Grande use to blow us all away. I want to start out by showing you how to find your vocal range. As a professional singer, its my job to know my vocal range so that when I’m in the studio, or on an app like Sing Karaoke by Smule, I know which songs will best suit my voice. Here’s how you can find your vocal range:

1. Find your lowest note

Using a keyboard, piano or keyboard app start by singing the lowest note you can in your natural tone, not too breathy or scratchy. The goal here is to find the lowest note you can sing comfortably so don’t strain yourself by lowering your chin or any other uncomfortable positions. It helps to start with a higher note and work your way down. Write down that note. This is the bottom of your range.

2. Find your highest note

Using the same technique you used to find your lowest note, now sing the highest note you can without straining. Start by singing a high note that feels easy and work your way up. Just make sure your using your natural voice and not your falsetto. Singing louder might make it easier to hit those higher notes.

3. Calculate your range

On a keyboard, count the notes between the lowest note and highest note that you could sing comfortably. Leave out the black sharp and flat keys in your count. Every seven notes is one octave so count how many of them you have. Don’t forget the partial octaves.

4. Determine your voice type:

Are you soprano? Alto? Tenor? Check out the voice types below in the description and compare them with your calculations to figure it out.

Once you have a handle on what your range is, you can begin to make better vocal choices and you’ll be well on your way to learning how to sing better.

That’s it for this week’s lesson on How to Sing Like Ariana Grande and How to Find Your Vocal Range.

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