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Breaking the Chains – available now. The Ultimate Rock Singing Program is designed for vocalists of all styles and genres but really focuses in on Rock Singers.
This course will ignite your singing skills beyond what you can imagine… Trust me, no other vocal course available – for Rock vocalists or otherwise – is this comprehensive and designed to give to maximum results without all the nonsense of trying to put you in some kind of “vocal style box” or loading you down with lots of “lip rolls”.

Most at-home vocal courses are designed by Musical Theater, Classical or Speech Level Singing teachers – NONE OF THESE WILL TEACH YOU SING ROCK with power, range and intensity. Singing Rock takes developing specific areas of your voice to give you that “sound”. But don’t think this will only teach you how to belt, scream or sing into the stratosphere – even though it will – “Breaking the Chains” will allow you to sing in ANY style.

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