Pro Singing Lesson – Solfege

Singing Solfege is great for so many reasons. Over time, as your relative pitch improves, you’ll hear your melodies like you never have before. Additionally, when you know in advance where the melody is going, you ‘ll be that much more secure and confident in how you sing it.

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Learning to Sing Jazz | Sharny Russell | Specialist Session #3

Love Jazz Voice? Then you’ll love this video…
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This warm, open and generous interview with Sharny Russell explores the wonderful world of Jazz Vocals. Grab a coffee and listen to Sharny’s wealth of performance and teaching experience…it’s gold!

Sharny’s Vocal Exercise CD:

1:46 Sharny tells us about how she became a singer.
5:54 Professional Vocal Career
9:24 Teaching Jazz Vocals
14:04 Vocal Teaching Tool Kit
22:44 Worst Performance Experience
25:25 Favourite Vocal Exercise
27:45 Top Advice for the Developing Vocalists

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