Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – How To Sing In The Style Of Ozzy Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – How To Sing In The Style Of Ozzy Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – How To Sing In The Style Of Ozzy Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – How To Sing In The Style Of Ozzy Osbourne – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

40 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – How To Sing In The Style Of Ozzy Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Garfeild 33 Corwel says:

    dude your awsome keep it up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. andré Karmann says:

    U got a great voice.cheers from switzerland…

  3. Tecarlos Cendrete says:

    cara D+ gostei muito …!

  4. Marcos Nobre says:

    u’re a great singer…but Ozzy doesn’t have too much power in his voice
    like you… Anyway he is an alive legend, he is the guy!!!

  5. Rodney Andrade says:

    Spectacular performance, her technique is amazing, please do not bite the

  6. D. Wilkins says:

    You completely owned this song. This is the best cover I’ve heard for Crazy
    Train. Very impressive. You put a lot of passion into this, which, in my
    opinion, can make any bland song great. (Or at least better!)

  7. Wagner Menzori says:

    If I ever sing like Ken…

  8. squirtmph says:

    yeah, allot soul as you say, now I need some salsa!

  9. Zakk Gardner says:

    Ozzy has a unique voice. If only he was able to do it live. sigh.
    You know, I’ll bet the farm that he has never made a serious attempt to
    keep himself physically in shape. I just don’t go to his shows anymore…
    it’s too hard to witness.

    You, however, bring it on, yet again.

  10. kobloskornel says:

    Dude its strange that you are not in a huge band yet….you could flow away
    most of the so called big singers like James Hetfield or Paul Stanley.

  11. alex williamson says:

    I love the bats hanging off your mic 😂😂😂

  12. MetalheadYA says:

    Lucky for Ozzy that they didn’t find you before him…. He would have been
    a bricklayer by trade…lol….Gud job Ken!!

  13. Taktisches Hustenbonbon says:

    Hmm… Even you said, that you don’t like much like Ozzy Osbourne you are
    perfectly catching his singing style… I am wondering if you could show
    the Styles of Serj Tankian… or Lemmy Kilmister… Or how about Rob
    Halford? :D

  14. FindingTheEverlight says:

    You’d be in a great cover band with as many styles as you can do.

  15. mrray7274 says:

    awesome ken where are you located? some of my family’s vocal. i never was
    interested until i seen your stuff scott stapp is my cousin. ,,,would you
    please sir do six feet by creed? thank you sir

  16. Magnum Augusto says:

    Ken, sing I am the highway of Audioslave =]

  17. Sylvius the Mad says:

    You sound a lot like Pete Goalby on this one.

    I like it.

  18. Hodzic Edin says:

    Doesent even matter how this guy sounds he actually can deliver singing not
    like other talk singers on youtube

  19. nikos themelis says:

    Great job Ken! Yours and Sebastian Bach’s versions are my favorite covers
    of this song

  20. Mladen Nikolic says:

    this song should be called kens crazy train u own this song 😀 i just
    started to learn how to sing from your free youtube leasons and i am saving
    money for the dvd collection u sir just become my idol and i can t wait to
    start the real learning process :)

  21. BleedingMonk says:

    I would love to see your thoughts on Tom Keifer(Cinderella) I was always
    fascinated with the way he sounds.

  22. Andres Mundaca says:

    here is the only the best voice of rock ozzy nothing more!!

  23. TryingTo Correct says:

    I think live bands should try to sing about 90% this accurate even if its
    live… good quality singing. Just my opinion… I rather would listen this
    kind of live performance than those where they sing out of tune. I do not
    mean though that there cannot be any “mistakes” in live rock… but just
    that not too much mistakes and especially I do not like if its all the time
    out of tune and too much improvisation (like talking instead of singing).
    Maybe I am the only one thinking like this… :). And no, am not a singer,
    I am a drummer

  24. Cooper Fergie says:

    Good job. Maybe do Iron Man by black sabbath next.

  25. Jarda Bartas says:

    Thanks for gabriela her voice is amazing,.Thanks to you.

  26. DrummingMethods says:

    good grief!!! outstanding!

    you speak so soft and kind hearted then knock walls down with your singing.

  27. Michael Carter says:

    Nice vid as always. A simple, yet effective trick for sounding like Ozzy is
    scrunching your nose while you sing. Yep, easy as that.

    Think you’ll ever get around to doing some Joe Elliot and Def Leppard? His
    high notes still have me scratching my head.

  28. jadealone says:

    Ha! You said you were a soul singer but you KICK ASS as a rock singer!
    woah! Your voice reminds me of Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann, Alan Parsons
    P.) I hope that’s not an insult 2 you because I LOVE Chris’s voice.

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