overtone singing- lesson 7: nose and air by Anna-Maria Hefele

Discover all about overtone singing- lesson 7: nose and air by Anna-Maria Hefele by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here overtone singing- lesson 7: nose and air by Anna-Maria Hefele.

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new ensemble, new video:

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18 thoughts on “overtone singing- lesson 7: nose and air by Anna-Maria Hefele

  1. Kyser Soze says:

    You’re so beautiful and talented! 🙂 Thank you, please do more videos

  2. sgcollins says:

    i’m glad to see you, it has been a while.

  3. L'enthousiaste says:

    Thanks to your tutorials, I am learning overtone singing much faster that I
    ever expected!
    I began to exercise using your teachings nearly a year ago.
    I recently invested in a professional microphone for my work, and i used it
    to record my overtone singing progress.
    For the fisrt time I was able to analyse how my overtones sounded, and I
    realised how fast your videos made me progress.

    That is why I thank you a thousand time for sharing your knowledge !

  4. legendre007 says:

    I am happy to see and hear these lessons continue! :-D

  5. legendre007 says:

    Oh, you recorded this last year? o.O

    Anyhow, a great conclusion to a great series. ^_^

  6. Thank you so much for these lessons. I had no clue how overtone singing
    worked, but I finally figured it out after seeing your lessons. I’m still
    just beginning, but I never would have even gotten started without these.
    Your videos are so simple and elegant and easy to follow. Thanks!

  7. Tom Haflinger says:

    I always enjoy seeing new videos from you. I practice my overtones whenever
    I’m in a room that has good acoustics.

  8. Overtone Singing TV says:

    This is very important!

  9. Lindemann says:

    Does Anna plays the didjeridoo?

  10. thanks for the tip 🙂 never have noticed you can actually close the nose
    air while emiting sound, very cool!

  11. Húginn Mùninn says:

    liked! your videos are the best

  12. Ruba galline says:

    welcome back and thank you for another free tutorial!

  13. thanks Anna Maria ! 🙂
    i begin to make some sounds !
    xxx !!

  14. El CAPPUCCIN0 says:

    Thanks for these videos they have been tremendously helpful! I would be
    flattered if you watched the videos I recently uploaded

  15. Joseph Viatte says:

    this answers questions I’ve had for a long, long time. thanks!

  16. Italian Chair says:

    hey, a guy named miroslavgrosser unfairly copyrighted one of your videos.

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